School orchestra returns to stage

Pupils at Cayman Prep’s junior school enjoyed a sterling rendition of ‘Kum bay ah’ during a recent assembly, performed by the junior school orchestra, its first performance since Hurricane Ivan hit last year.

‘Pupils from a cross section of years have all worked very hard to make this performance happen,’ said Sue Horrocks, Head of Music at Cayman Prep’s Junior School.

‘Children ranging in ages from seven (Year Two) to 11 (Year Six) have practiced during school hours with a variety of instruments, including bass, woodwind, strings and percussion. The performance during assembly was the culmination of a lot of hard work and practice.’

Ms Horrocks continued, ‘We are fortunate that pupils have shown incredible enthusiasm for playing their instruments and the provision of tuition during school hours has given them a great chance to learn instruments that they might not have otherwise had the chance to learn. They are always keen to learn and are happy to turn up for rehearsals.’

Since Hurricane Ivan destroyed many of the school’s and pupils’ instruments, the orchestra had to wait until each pupil managed to get replacements before last week’s performance could go ahead, noted Ms Horrocks.

As well as receiving expert tuition from Ms Horrocks, the children also have the benefit of Janine Stabler’s expertise. She runs the string school through Opus Music during school hours so that children get specific tuition on these instruments, while Cayman Prep’s Miss Natasha teaches guitar to pupils.

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