CAL audit not public

The efficiency audit recently conducted on Cayman Airways by Lufthansa Consulting is not to be made fully public.

Minister for Tourism Charles Clifford told the Caymanian Compass that although he has already made the highlights of the audit findings public, for a number of very sensitive commercial reasons he cannot make the report public in its entirety.

‘That would not be in the best interests of Cayman Airways as it would give their competitors inside information on the company and make it even more difficult for them to compete,’ he said.

There were some 67 quick wins identified in the audit and some are being implemented now.

These include renegotiating certain insurance policies and the introduction of a new culture and regime to ensure that fees for excess baggage are consistently charged and collected.

The 1,011-page report also recommended 49 action plans, 168 projects and 840 initiatives.

Lufthansa Consulting is now engaged in the Strategic Direction Phase, which is almost completed.

‘There are several components to this phase and some of the deliverables are, for example, a determination of the route network, fleet composition, and a management audit,’ explained Mr. Clifford.

He expects to receive the Strategic/Business Plan on 31 August.

‘Once the Ministry and Board have agreed on this plan, the implementation will then be the responsibility of the Board and management,’ he said.

Mr. Clifford said it is difficult to say how soon most of the recommendations in the audit can be introduced into Cayman Airways’ method of business as some can be implemented quickly and others cannot.

‘We do believe that complete implementation will take 12 to 24 months and thereafter we need to ensure proper maintenance of the new systems, processes and procedures,’ he said.

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