A lifestyle discovered

People worldwide are making lifestyle changes.

Many are making them for personal benefits; some for the overall good of the world we live in. People are buying smaller cars, practicing good water management and undertaking healthy practices in areas of nutrition and physical activity.

Many large cities are developing bicycle and walking paths to encourage physical fitness. Mainstream corporations are taking the needs of stressed employees into consideration and developing wellness programs to help employees maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes we forget about the good that is happening when we hear the ongoing negative news about what not to eat, global warming, statistics on death, cancer, heart disease, drug abuse, obesity rising and depression as a common condition.

In this summer’s travels, Lifestyles with Donna re-traveled a path and found that the harmonic and natural lifestyle of one particular gem in our world has remained intact over the years. (Name withheld, locals are hoping to keep the place a secret).

You and I can create a better world by daily lifestyle practices that promote health, wellness, harmony, balance and peace.

Here are some of the lifestyle features of this treasured place that we can learn from.

People respect one another and the uniqueness of the environment they live in.

Food is valued and respected, often shared amongst friends.

Food is excellent in quality but not overly large in quantity. Overweight issues are not a visible feature for the vast majority of the population. Thankful and respectful, people eat their portion.

The local supermarket, small by most standards, supplies an array of fresh, healthy goods that promote health through lack of pesticides, insecticides and additives. Breads, fruits, vegetables and coffees are organic, as are most products and all at very affordable prices. Supermarket shoppers are often seen with canvas shopping sacks and decline the plastic or paper bags. Litter is not to be seen.

Environmentally-friendly homes are built to blend harmoniously with nature and gardens and flowers feature everywhere and provide healthy, outdoor activity and relaxation.

Recycling is part of life and a very important part. Everything is recycled and reused.

The altruism of the community is seen in the sharing of goods, furniture, clothing, household items and just about everything. Three times weekly, the gates open to a free-market stall where give-aways and throwaways are collected and become treasures for another, all free of cost. Everything is free and everybody goes to ‘the mall’, rich and poor. You might walk into your neighbour’s house and see the clock that you could not get to work, now working on his wall.

Focus on the arts provides the backdrop for the rest, recreation and play that is such an important part of a balanced life. Opportunities abound for musical expression, dance, painting, crafts, gardening, and all arts for both adults and children.

Community events promote unity and most people attend, from young to eldest. Children and teenagers engage actively socially and are happy and well-adjusted rather than victim to the isolation that television and video games at home alone can provide.

The health and welfare of the entire community thrives on respect of self and neighbour, care of the environment, nutritional wisdom, outdoor activity, altruism and creative expression. In such, we can live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Discerning folk keep living a balanced, healthy life a priority. What you do impacts your world, and impacts it for good.

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