Fort Street Market closing

Fort Street Market will close its doors for good at the end of today.

Foster’s Food Fair IGA, the parent company of Fort Street Market, announced the closure Wednesday afternoon.

Fort Street Market, which is on the corner of Fort Street and Albert Panton Street.

‘The decision to close was a difficult one for the company, however when Foster’s Food Fair IGA was presented with the opportunity to focus on its core business, it was an opportunity that could not be missed,’ said Woody Foster, managing director.

Though the closure decision of the Market was relatively quick, all staff members were personally notified and all were given the opportunity to relocate within Foster’s Food Fair IGA.

‘We realise our staff plays an important role in the success of our business and we are happy to have the staff of Fort Street Market join Foster’s Food Fair IGA team,’ Mr. Foster continued. ‘Even though we are saddened to have to close Fort Street Market, we look forward to new opportunities for both the staff and Foster’s Food Fair IGA.’

The management and staff of Fort Street Market would like to take this opportunity to extend a sincere thank you to all who have patronised Fort Street Market over the years; it has been a pleasure serving you, states a press release.

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