Another woman charged with case tampering

Another woman has been charged with interfering with witnesses and attempting to pervert the course of public justice in the Omar Samuels murder case.

Ave Watler appeared for a mention of the charges in Summary Court on Thursday, 5 November.

She has been charged along with Taya Ramoon-Truman, who is the mother of one of the defendants and is also charged with the same offences.

Watler is currently on bail.

Truman has been denied bail because of what Magistrate Nova Hall said was the seriousness of the matter and the likelihood of more interference.

Crown Counsel Nicola Moore is conducting the case on behalf of the Crown. However, she has indicated that she will be leaving the Island shortly and the case will be handled by Crown Prosecutor Tricia Huchinson.

The charges allege that the defendants had a false statement drafted to be signed by a witness in the case.

However, Ms Moore said, the mother of the witness signed the document out of fear.

Osbourne Wilfred Douglas, Patrick Elbert McField and Brandon Mykkle Leslie are charged with the 5 July shooting death of Mr. Samuels.

Both defendants will appear in Summary Court for another mention of these charges on 1 December.