Moon over Buffalo shines

The Cayman Drama Society’s latest production, Moon over Buffalo, began its three-week run last weekend and had audiences rolling in the aisles with its comedic timing and quality acting.

Eric Stachelski, left, and Kristina Horacek

Eric Stachelski, left, and Kristina Horacek in rehearsals for Moon over Buffalo

Incorporating farcical elements, with endless confusion and door-slamming included, the actors carried the play with their sharp delivery and believable banter.

The first act was necessary to set the pace and provide back story to the characters, but the humour really picked up in the second act, with non-stop laughs causing the dialogue to be drowned out at one point.

Newcomer to the Cayman stage Kristina Horacek did an excellent job in her role as the somewhat reluctant daughter of washed-up theatre stars Charlotte and George Hay, played by Sue Howe and Malcolm Ellis.

Ms Howe acted with a panache that made her character believable and entertaining, while Mr. Ellis, as the central character, impressed with his range, from upbeat, ambitious actor to depressed drunk within an hour.

Michael McLaughlin, best known for his work with the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, brought the relatively rare quality of chemistry to the stage, whether it be romantic chemistry between him and Ms Horacek’s character or camaraderie between him and George.

The strong supporting cast also enjoy steal the spotlight in moments such as Eric Stachelski’s weatherman act and Adam Roberts’ droll but amorous Richard, pining over Charlotte.

The technical crew should not go unmentioned, either. The seamless sound effects, lighting and humorous musical segues contributed to the ambience of the play, going largely unnoticed which is, of course, exactly how it should be. Lighting design and management was carried out by Doug Marnoch and Helen Godfrey, while Kelly and Neil Rooney manned the sound booth, though Mr. Ellis worked with Wil Steward to put together the sound effects and musical segments for the play.

Director Peter Kosa was proud of the fact that the run time of the play is just 90 minutes (separated into two 45-minute acts by a 15-minute intermission), so there is no need to worry about boredom. With fast action and snappy dialogue, the only thing audiences will be left wanting is more.

The Cayman Drama Society has given Moon over Buffalo a rating of PG-13 due to two brief instances of mild language. The show runs from Thursday to Saturday until 12 December. Curtain is at 7.30pm and tickets are $20 for adults. Call 949-5054.