Family, tribunal attorney joins Stenning

John Fox is senior associate

Patrick Fox has joined the law firm Stenning and Associates of George Town,
following his call to the Cayman Bar last month.

Fox previously practised as a barrister
at the Four Courts, Dublin,
Ireland for 17
years in general common law, civil and commercial litigation.

presenting his colleague’s credentials for formal admission, firm managing
director James Stenning commented, “We strive to provide legal services at a
reasonable rate and Mr. Fox shares our concern.”

referred to Mr. Fox’s experience in family and criminal law, as well as
tribunals of inquiry.

Fox said he was delighted to accept the call to the bar. He thanked court staff
for facilitating his admission and looked forward to practising
with Mr. Stenning in both local and international cases.

Charles Quin said it gave him great pleasure to accede to the application.

 “Thank you for your kind words about the court
staff,” he told Mr. Fox. “Sometimes they are the unsung heroes of administration.
Sometimes they are criticized, but they work hard and often unseen.”

Fox is accompanied by his wife Marie and daughter Laura. He also has a son,
Adam, a bank employee in Dublin.

Stenning, stated, “We are pleased to have Mr. Fox join our expanding practice. He is very experienced and a welcome addition
to our litigation department.”


Attorney John Fox, centre, is welcomed to the Cayman Bar by Attorney James Stenning, left, and Justice Charles Quin.
Photo: Submitted

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