Cayman Airways fined $50,000

Cayman Airways Ltd has been fined
by the US Department of Transportation.

The provisional penalty of $50,000
had been levied in April due to the late reporting of the number and types of
complaints the airline received during 2009 from disabled passengers, but this
amount was adjusted downward after Cayman Airways cooperated with the
department to correct the mistake, said Fabian Whorms, acting chief executive

“Upon receipt of the notification in
April, we commenced working closely with the United States Department of
Transportation, explaining the circumstances that led to the breach and
emphasised the fact we had not received any service complaints from disabled
passengers in 2009.

“Additionally, we outlined to the [US] Department
of Transportation that the airline fully recognised and addressed the
improvements needed with our tracking system to ensure future filings within
the prescribed time. The … Department of Transportation  was satisfied with the improvements made to
our tracking process, and proceeded to suspend 40 per cent of the fine, which reduced
the settlement in May 2010 to $30,000.”


Procedural normality

The national carrier said that in
fact there had not been any service complaints during the period, but that the
US Department of Transportation implemented the penalty as a procedural
normality and that other airlines were also fined for similar breaches during
the same period. The fine, said the airline, was settled six months ago.

“The airline appreciates the
professional manner in which the United States Department of Transportation
worked with us on the matter, and we would like to assure our passengers, that
our family of employees are committed to providing high quality service, while
recognising and caring for the special needs of our passengers on a daily
basis,” added Mr. Whorms.