Shot fired as masked would-be robbers foiled

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    Royal Cayman Islands Police said a shot was fired late
    Monday as a security guard interrupted a group of masked men behind Foster’s
    Food Fair 
    the Strand.

    According to RCIPS officers, the guard happened upon three
    men in the back parking lot at the same time an armoured van pulled up to
    Foster’s in the front.  

    Police said the three men ran once they were spotted, but
    not before one of them pointed a firearm at the guard. A shot was heard as the
    suspects made off.  

    No one was hurt in the incident, which was reported around
    11.40pm after the grocery store had closed for the night.  

    Foster’s Managing Director Woody Foster said it was apparent
    the security guard “was on top of it” and managed to head off what was likely
    going to be an armed 
robbery attempt.  

    “It would appear so,” Mr. Foster said. “We’re just happy
    everything went the way it did, the security guard did his job 
    everybody’s OK.”  

    However, a pizza delivery man was not so lucky earlier
    Monday night. 

    He was the only person wounded in a string of four shootings
    on Grand Cayman since Thursday.  

    Flare gun shooting  

    Royal Cayman Islands Police said the pizza delivery man was
    shot in the stomach with a flare gun Monday night. 

    Officers said the man, 40, was treated in hospital for
    slight injuries. Just before 8pm the delivery man was backing his car out of
    the driveway of a home on Orange Drive in Prospect when he said he was
    approached by the man with the flare gun.  

    The suspect fired the flare into the car, hitting the
    delivery man in the stomach, bruising him, police said.

    The man who fired the gun is described at being about 5
    feet, 10 inches tall, of light complexion, with a round face and straight hair.
    He was wearing a dark short-sleeved shirt and jean pants, police said.  

    Shots fired at gas

    Toward the end of last week, two petrol stations were robbed
    and shots were fired in both instances. No one was hurt on either occasion.  

    On Friday around 8.40pm the Jose’s Esso on Crewe Road was
    held up by a man who was said to be brandishing a handgun. He got away with
    some cash, then apparently fired a shot as he ran behind the store.  

    Less than 24 hours earlier, three masked and armed men held
    up the Star Mart Texaco in Savannah. Witnesses said a shot was fired into the
    convenience store ceiling by one of the suspects.  

    Officers said the three men, who made customers and staff
    lie on the floor, got away with a cash pan.  

    Shootings rare   

    Prior to the past few days, there have been only a few
    shooting incidents on Grand Cayman since the start of this year, and as of
    press time, none of the incidents had led to deaths.  

    Shots were fired at homes in Spotts and East End in separate
    incidents in May and February, respectively. No one was hurt, but it was later
    revealed that the shooters in the East End crime were aiming at a person, not
    the home.  

    In early February, shots were fired during a foiled hold-up
    at the MoneyGram store in Meringue Town. Those shots were fired after a
    security guard apparently pulled down hurricane shutters outside the store,
    attempting lock the suspects in. The men shot their way out to make their


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    The scene at the Strand early Tuesday after a shooting was reported.
    Dennie Warren, Jr.


    1. Oh no – we were very pleased to see that things seemed to have ‘settled down’ in GC regarding crime, BUT NOW THIS …….. seriously, the Police must get a grip on what is happening – this wave of crime is extremely worrying, and driving tourists (like ourselves ) away. We have opted for another holiday island later in the year after many, many repeat trips to the Cayman islands.
      Action URGENTLY required!

    2. All i can think of when i read this story is….

      When the Director Woody foster says the security guard was on top of it, and did his job.

      I would like to Ask Woody Foster if he would trade places with that UNARMED guard, as bullets are being shot at him.

      Hmmmm. I can only imagine what his answer would be.

      Sorta like asking someone if they want cancer.

    3. I am surprise how these robbers can hit one place after the next, and Police has not organized a team to at least, do surveillance at key locations of probable risk. I was shock as to how these robbers could have robbed two gas stations one after the other in a matter of hours, and you had no Police presense at the gas stations. You over 300 hundred police officers, and not one of them were posted to at least capture these criminals. I am still bewildered as to how we suppose to fight crime with the Commissioner’s policies. I guess people may have to just do it themselves, and its not going to look pretty.

    4. As a relocated Caymanian, living permanently abroad…

      I have one simple question to ask the Caymanian people and society in general…

      Which headlines would you rather read in your newspapers…

      Armed robbers robbing gas stations and banks at will, with impunity; police came after robbery in which shots were fired and cordoned off area, questioned witnesses and investigations continuing….

      Or, the RCIPS conducted surveillance operations in which armed robbers were apprehended and confronted in the act of committing an armed robbery…

      Alternative appendix report to the second headlines…

      Armed robbers surrendered to police without incident or…

      Armed robbers opened fire on police and were shot dead on location by police officers in the act of protecting the public’s safety.

      The first headline is what you and the world are reading now.

      The second headline and optional appendix is the only ones that we will be reading when the Cayman Islands Government and its Royal Cayman Islands Police Service begin to actually do anything effective to stem this tide of armed robberies.

      Cayman’s society did not ask for this situation.

      The criminals who might end up in the morgue have made their choices…

      It is up the the authorities in the Cayman Islands to seal the fate of those who have chosen to threaten and disrupt an entire country.

      If they are afraid to do this, they are worse than the armed criminals and are failing the Caymanian people and their country totally.

      The gunmen should put away their guns and run for political office; they are doing a better job than the Caymanian Government at this particular.

      As a Caymanian, I have every right to make these statements and care not a hoot, who agrees with me or not.

    5. firery: As a Caymanian, I have every right to make these statements and care not a hoot, who agrees with me or not.

      You have every right, but maybe if you were here and not behind a keyboard someplace else, you would be able to get a gist as to what is going on in the Cayman Islands. The papers don’t tell you everything, and hiding behind the keyboard is not making your statements any memorable. Perhaps, you should come down here and give the Police a helping hand.


    6. My family and I have been spending our precious vacation time on your island, staying at the Meridian for the past seven years. The continued increase in violent crimes is more than disconcerning to me and hope that your government is doinig all they can to resolve it. It would be a shame to have to consider alternate and safer destinations.

    7. Bodden

      I’ve done my bit, even from where I am and certainly when I’m there.

      Its their job to do their job and they’re not doing it.

      You can’t help who doesn’t want to be helped.

      Read the other posts on the subject and see how many agree with me.

      I’m not hiding behind a keyborad, mate.

      If you knew me personally, you would know that.

    8. Bodden, Are there really 300 Officers in the RCIPS ? If so, I have to wonder where they are, When I am on Island I tend to roam all over from West Bay to the East End, and I cannot remember a day seeing more than one Cop Car maybe two, but never once an Officer on beat. I can remember one night coming from Papagalo’s and driving around West Bay astonished by the amount of people outside just hanging out, I also witnessed people walking down the road smoking weed like it was legal and not one Patrol Car or Officer walking the beat was anywhere to be seen. It’s a fact that there’s really no police presence on the street in Grand Cayman which is why It’s so easy for the Crooks, if there actually are 300 Police Officers in the RCIPS they really need to stop trying to fight Crime from behind their desks. But in their defense what Cop would want to walk the beat looking for outlaws with no way to protect themselves let alone the public. God, what would a cop be able to do if he saw an armed robbery in progress. Currently nothing, but maybe hide in the bushes and wait till it’s over then start an investigation.

      Come on RCIPS Officials give me a break, Arm your officers and put them on the street, support them and allow them to do their jobs. You seem to have been doing a good job investigating and capturing drugs dealers, Scam artists and some folks committing fraud, but it’s the street level criminals that are the real threat to the Cayman people and they will need to be stopped on the street just like everywhere else.

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