Campers explore different cultures

Children attending Montessori Home Tutoring and Musicians camp now have a better understanding of how some cultures work in different countries. 

During a week’s camp at Musicians on West Bay Road the children studied places such as Australia, Africa, England, New York and the Caribbean. 

“The objective for the camp was to transport the children to different parts of the world and then immerse them in local culture at the end of the week,” teacher Natasha Wellfare said. 

“Combining music, dance, drama and art enabled us to build a holistic and memorable impression of the areas we visited. While the students enjoyed exploring all of the places on our itinerary they could not wait for Caribbean day. The youths have a natural interest and affection for The Cayman Islands regardless of their origins. All week the children kept asking me “when can we do the jumping and blow the whistles,” Ms Wellfare said.  

On Friday, the group celebrated the Caribbean carnival style of making masks, blowing whistles and dancing to soca music. Throughout the week they explored other cultures through dance, drama, music and arts and crafts. 

Each morning, the children brought in a ‘show and tell’ item from the country of the day and discussed it with their friends and sang the national anthem from the country being studied.  

“The camp was a great opportunity for students to experience music, dance, drama and crafts from around the world. During the summer camp students created African Hatsiatsia’s using graphic scores, made and performed on a didgeridoo, composed a Calypso and learnt many new songs. They have had an amazing adventure,” Janine Stabler said. 

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