Karaoke sounds 
a sweet deal


Look, let’s be honest. When we’re in the shower we are all a smidgin of Elvis, a touch Te Kanewa and even a little bit Gaga. 

But ya know, it’s better done with other people (singing, we mean, although it works for showers too). 

Hence, why you, I and Mr. Wannabe-Bono over there are going to head over to the Alexander Hotel in Cayman Brac for their Karaoke Festival, taking place on Friday and Saturday, 29-30 July. 

DJ Ralph is behind the project. 

“I have been entertaining in the Cayman Islands for over 25 years. This year I added karaoke to my entertainment products and wish to take it to new levels. We started Mango Tree Karaoke in February and have seen tremendous support. 

“I have always supported domestic tourism and decided to host a weekend of karaoke in the Brac. The goal is to develop annual karaoke festivals in all three islands during the year,” he says. 


Stage performance 

Day one – Friday, the 29th – is for the amateurs and day two is for the pros, which DJ Ralph describes as “professional and experienced entertainers”. Which rules us out as we are neither professional nor experienced (but we do bash out a mean solo in the shower). 

The contest is open to all for an entry fee of $25 and prizes include a ticket to Miami and another prize of $200 with a ticket to Little Cayman/Grand Cayman. You can register at the event on the night. The hotel’s also offering special karaoke festival room rates. 

So, before we dive in to this rampantly foaming whirlpool of musical magic, let’s get the inside gen on what makes a good karaoke performance. 

“Good pitch, stage performance, spectator performance and ability to sing a song chosen by the host,” reveals DJ Ralph. 

But even if you don’t want to get involved in the actual singing – boo to you if that’s the case – you can always head down for the spectacle as an audience member. 

“Guests can expect a party atmosphere with dancing to a few oldies, music videos and a trip down memory lane,” Ralph tells us. 

So put down the shower head and get those lungs limbered up – you’re too damned talented, good looking and intelligent not to. How do we know this? Because you are reading Weekender and therefore clearly have impeccable, refined taste. 


Both nights start at 8pm and you can contact DJ Ralph on 916-2000 or the Alexander Hotel at 948-8222. 

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