Police: Woman car jacked at Dolphin Discovery

Man stabbed, shot at, robbed near stadium

Royal Cayman Islands Police confirmed a woman was car jacked at gunpoint Thursday evening in West Bay.

Less than an hour later, a man was stabbed, shot at and had his rental car stolen in an apparently unrelated attack near Ed Bush stadium – also in West Bay. 

Dolphin Discovery

According to reports, a 30-year-old female was walking to her car in the Dolphin Discovery car park on North West Point Road when she was confronted by two men – one of whom was carrying a firearm. 

Police officers said the suspects threatened the woman and that she handed over her car keys and handbag. The men then got into the robbery victim’s car and drove off. 

The woman was not physically hurt, police said. The attack happened around 6.20pm. 

Staff at Dolphin Discovery said the woman, who worked at the tourist attraction, had just left for the day and was set upon in the back parking lot near the facility’s loading dock.

According to their reports, two men who appeared to be fishing along the iron shore at the back of the parking lot confronted the woman who had her laptop computer taken as well as her purse and car. 

The vehicle, a Toyota Marino, was located a short distance away on Bonaventure Drive by the RCIPS helicopter crew.

The suspects in the robbery are described as thin, dark-skinned and wearing black clothes. One of the men was around 5’8″ tall, the other about 6′ tall, police said. 

Anyone with information on the car jacking or who saw the suspects leave the car on Bonaventure Drive is asked to call West Bay Police Station at 949-3999 or Cayman Crime Stoppers at 800-8477. 

Ed Bush

Police said it was around 7.10pm when a 30-year-old man was assaulted near the Ed Bush playing field by two men and his white rental Hyundai Atos taken. The man was stabbed in the chest and shoulder and also struck in the face with what police said appeared to be a firearm. 

The victim ran from his attackers and was subsequently shot at, police said. He was not hit by the gunfire. 

The 30-year-old was later taken to hospital where his injuries were found to be not life-threatening, police said. 

A quick search of the surrounding area located the stolen Hyundai and led to the arrest of a 40-year-old man on suspicion of robbery. The second attacker was not immediately found. 

Again, witnesses to the attack or those who may have information were asked to call West Bay Police Station or the Crime Stoppers tip line. 


  1. As long as no shots were fired and no one was injured..right?


    So lets see, we have home invasions, armed robbery of stores, banks and people, and now car jackings.

    Is there anything else that is on the list?

    oh ya…as long as no one gets hurt or guns are fired. It’s okay.

  2. Outrageous! A car-jacking now? at 6:20? The sun is still up and it’s not even dark at that time! Crime keeps escalating, and Cayman is becoming more and more dangerous.

    Please, government, help us out! Announce that you care. Implement new anti-crime procedures. Announce expanded police patrols. Implement new sentencing guidelines. ANYTHING!!! Crime goes up and up, and you do NOTHING. PLEASE HELP US!

    And please, people of Cayman, call your MLA. Call the Premier’s office. Ask them what they are doing to stop crime. Ask them to help by implementing new policies. Ask them to take a stand — to do SOMETHING!

  3. How can the government watch the economic future of Grand Cayman go down the drain as they passively do nothing? The Cayman Islands are an expensive place to visit, and tourists will take their dollars elsewhere.
    We need the UK to step in and have a special task force turn this problem around. The fact that these crimes occur everyday suggests that the criminals know that the authorities are looking the other way.

  4. The suspects in the robbery are described as thin, dark-skinned and wearing black clothes. One of the men was around 5’8 tall, the other about 6′ tall, police said.

    Probably a couple of no good expats from the UK with MBA’s in finance.

  5. No place is safe anymore. Your tourist industry is going to suffer if you don’t get this crime under control. I certainly will think twice about where to take my next Caribbean vacation. So sad, I have enjoyed your beautiful island and people for over 30 years. Take back your island before it’s too late!
    You should not live in fear.

  6. So the best charges the police came up with are suspicion of robbery – how about attempted murder – mabey I should run for premier and actually do something about this! ARM the Police and pull you heads out of you know where!

  7. What is happening to Cayman? It is sad to see. Crime and greed. When Dart takes over the country, I’m sorry to say, things will be different. Maybe Dart can move the road then you wont be able to drive a stolen car out of the parking lot.

  8. Such fearless criminals, but then again what the heck do they have to fear….Certainly not a well armed police force to keep them at bay…..Certainly not courts that actually punished people for their crimes. It’s a shame but I wasn’t even surprised to read this after all it’s obviously understandable that these guys are just preparing for their weekends.

    People will be paying these same guys for protection before you know it.

  9. This morning, just before 7, my wife said I’ll put the news on to find out about last night’s robberies and shootings.
    A few years ago this would have been an absurd thing to say.
    Today, and now it seems, almost any day it is a reasonable thing to say.
    How much longer will it be before the Governor asks the UK to send help for the police. But this time not just for a couple of weeks but for long enough to help them to make this a peaceful island again.

  10. What is the e-mail address of the Premier and Governor’s Offices so that all the concerned people leaving comments can e-mail them?

    My Property values are going down due to all this mindless violence, the Police need to step up. With 300 officers I would like to see one on every Georgetown street and response Units in WEST BAY sitting ready to go in there New Dodge Chargers!.

    I understand politicians are so scared about racial profiling, but so far all the reports have been young black males, thus you have a small pool of young men to look at and find these suspects. IT will not be the young hard working Black Men who are employed. THese will be the useless [expletive] who sit outside and smoke joints every night.

  11. No MB, unfortunately that is not true either. Many crimes are perpetrated by people with good-paying jobs. You know, working in IT for example, but there isn’t sufficient evidence to the court on this island to convict them, unless they confess on video.

  12. Will the community give these thugs up???? Someone in the community knows who these punks are, the police do not, don’t blame the police blame the people that know who these criminals are, they are all just as much to blame, and hearing I don’t trust the poice with that information is not an excuse, tell it to someone else or slip a piece of paper under the door simple.

  13. As a forth time visitor I am worried about your beautiful island. We have stopped visiting Jamaica Mexico because of crime. In this internet age, you can’t hide the truth, and for each of the past several days there has been a violent crime here and we have modified our plans to avoid the west east end. We are here to relax, not worry.

    Finite amount of space – you must control the population.
    You have a huge disparity between haves and have nots. Singapore has found a way to deal with this issue and have zero crime. You may want to have less tolerance on growth and crime to protect your future.

    We hope so as it is such a beautiful island.

  14. You need to understand that no task force can prevent most violent attacks against your person. The police will most likely not be present or near you at the time of an attack, so it will be up to you to survive the attack before you or someone else can call someone for help. Remember, criminals will most likely be gone by the time help arrives. If you’re lucky, you will be alive. As you can see, giving criminals what they want doesn’t always keep you safe. Sigh, you don’t have to take my advice, but I will say: I told you so when times get worse.

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