Project Grow helps nurture First Baptist students

Learning to grow what they eat became a reality for students and teachers at First Baptist Christian School recently.

Project Grow, a learning garden project of Generali Worldwide, HSBC and Vigoro Nursery, gave students the opportunity to experience, hands on, the concept of nurturing their own organic and native garden by setting up an area at the school in which they can learn to grow seasonal and long-term crops.

The garden is located in a tiny corner of the parking lot to the east of the school with two raised beds packed with soil, plants and seeds such as mint, cucumber, corn, lettuce, okra and even pest-repellant flowers like marigolds to keep the bugs away.

Generali and HSBC volunteers, along with Vigoro’s operations manager Tom Balon, got dirty turning soil as they participated in the outdoor lesson with the students and teachers as the students were shown how to prepare the soil for planting and sowing seeds plus tips and pointers on maintaining a successful garden.

Students and teachers also heard about the benefits of growing their own local plants and how food comes from the earth to the table. Students planted long-term crops such as a mango and a cherry tree, which were also provided by Vigoro Nursery.

The learning garden involves kids in kindergarten through sixth grade. Students will work with teachers to maintain the garden while watching it grow.

Schools such as Lighthouse, Hope Academy, Cayman Prep and George Town Primary will also get involved in Project Grow at a later date.