‘One man, one vote’ referendum in July

Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller-lg
Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush announced Wednesday that a referendum on the ‘one man, one vote’ issue would be held on 18 July.

The Premier’s position was a sharp reversal from the United Democratic Party government’s earlier stated intention to hold a referendum on the issue in May 2013.

“My government had previously made a commitment to hold a referendum on the issue at the same time as the next general election,” he said. “However due to the deepening divide in the country caused by the way the opposition and the independent member from North Side, [have] used this issue, my government feels it responsible to put this issue to the electors of this country. In our maturing democracy I feel that it’s important that the public be given its full voice on this most important constitutional issue.

“In this vein I am pleased to announce that the government will hold a referendum on the issue of single member constituencies on 18th July, 2012.”

The ‘one man, one vote’ referendum seeks to change the general elections process in the Cayman Islands to swap multi-member constituencies in the districts of George Town, West Bay, Bodden Town and Cayman Brac to single-member districts. Single-member districts mean electors will only get to vote once, instead of four times for those in West Bay and George Town and three in Bodden Town.

A petition began earlier in the year seeking to force government to hold a referendum on the ‘one man, one vote’ issue no later than 30 November. That petition, according to organisers, had received more than 3,000 signatures of registered voters.

Please see the full story in Thursday’s Caymanian Compass…

Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller

MLAs Arden McLean (left) and Ezzard Miller at the launch of the ‘one man, one vote’ petition earlier this year. Photo: File


  1. I think Mckeeva has done the right thing, and it shows that the UDP are recognizing the peoples concerns when they come out in great numbers to petition the government. The UDP positively responded to the petition on the East End Sea Port. Good news indeed that a Referendum is being held in July of this year.

    I recall the PPM leader had stated he wanted the referendum held after General Elections – am I wrong?

  2. Breaking News!!!

    Gambling vote to be added to the referendum vote in July..

    Is about time that government get some money in their pockets not just the churches,supermarkets,special groups etc…..


  3. One man, one vote sounds good, but I dont think people really know what it is. If they did, they would NOT vote for it.
    Cayman is already small enough, now they want to take the districts and divide them even smaller? In the meantime, they increase the number of representatives in GT and other districts. How stupid is that?!
    The number of representatives is decided by population, if I live in GT and there are 4 reps, I should get to choose those 4 reps, not 1 out of 4. This is party politics at its finest! One party wants it passed b/c they think it will help them get re-elected, nothing more.

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