Flash mob for Earth Day

People who visited Camana Bay’s market area last week were treated to a fun dance routine by a flash mob whose members wanted to spread the message of changing consumer behaviour to help the environment. 

Dressed in black Agent for Change T-shirts, more than 50 people, made a surprise appearance at the market. 

A flash mob is a term for a sudden assembly of people in a public area to perform an act, who then quickly disperse. 

This flash mob’s performance was held to highlight the Corporate Green Team Network Cayman BECOME’s 2012 green initiative, Agent for Change. 

The initiative aims to raise consumer consciousness and engage individual effort to effect change in consumer behaviour and habits to benefit the environment.  

Camana Bay’s market area was expanded for the Earth Day celebrations, which were held there on Wednesday, 18 April. The market showcased earth-friendly products and services, as well as island-grown produce and plants, and included activities and information from many organisations and businesses, which help make Cayman more sustainable. 

“The Agent for Change flash mob dance was an exciting addition to the Earth Day celebration at Camana Bay,” said Janice MacLean, Agent for Change project leader. “It was a fun and entertaining way to demonstrate the difference we can all make by working together for a common goal.” 

Cayman BECOME urges everyone to consider every day Earth Day. It is offering Agent for Change T-shirts and bumper stickers for those who want to show their support.  

The Corporate Green Team Network was created in 2009, and has grown to include more than 25 public and private companies in the Cayman Islands. It is a volunteer group that pools resources and efforts to benefit the environment for the residents of the Cayman Islands.  


To order T-shirts or bumper stickers, or to get more information about the work of Cayman BECOME, email [email protected]

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