Phoenix, school get EE clean

This year for the Earth Day Beach Cleanup, the Phoenix Group decided to do something different. 

Phoenix has cleaned the beach in East End for the past four years and staffers have lamented the fact that they had no help from the residents of East End. 

“We decided that we would address the issue by inviting the students and staff of East End Primary to assist us,” said Neil Rooney. “I spoke at assembly at the primary school a couple of weeks ago, explaining Earth Day and got the kids to sign up to join us, with the plan being to challenge the other schools/sponsors around the Island to also get working together to build a new generation of young people to take ownership of this event.” 

Because the kids were on Easter holidays the week of the event it was hard to get many out, but Phoenix did get over a dozen students, teachers and volunteers.  

“We will do much better next year, hopefully expanding our programme around to the beaches at Colliers,” he said. 

“ Well done to East End Primary School’s students, teacher and volunteers who were part of the Earth Day cleanup crew,” said Allison Wallace, principal of East End Primary. “We thank the Phoenix group Team for involving us in this teaching moment. Next year will have more of us in attendance.” 

Phoenix kids

Students, teachers and parents turned out to help the Phoenix Group clean up beaches in East End for Earth Day activities. – Photo: Submitted

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