Boater drowns off Seven Mile Beach

Update: The RCIPS can confirm that the body of 43 year old Stephen David Kinch of Canada was recovered at around 5.20pm Sunday from the ocean floor by divers of the RCIPS’ Marine Unit. The body was transported to the South Terminal dock at George Town where a waiting George Town Hospital’s ambulance received it and transported it to the George Town Hospital’s Morgue pending a post mortem examination.

Earlier story below:

A man who jumped from a boat Sunday afternoon off the coast of Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach was found dead about an hour later, according to Royal Cayman Islands Police.

Police said they received a call around 3.15pm Sunday from a man in a 19-foot boat who said a friend had jumped from the craft into the water between Calico Jacks and the Great House.

Police marine units searched the area where the man jumped into the ocean. He was found at the bottom of the ocean in about 45 feet of water about an hour later.

The marine unit was helped by other volunteer divers in recovering the man’s body and bringing it back to shore.

The man’s identity was not immediately available.


  1. This makes no sense. My wife and I were in the water about the same time in about the same area. There was no air or water current to cause any stress. We don’t understand how you can drown in the most calm conditions.

  2. Not that surprising at all Bethinking, A lot of people under estimate the water in the ocean and think that if you’re a good swimmer in the pool you’ll be just as good of a swimmer in the Ocean. I swim quite well in my 6 foot pool, but I have enough respect for the ocean to wear some kind of buoyancy assistance when I’m in the Ocean. Unlike Scuba Diving you have no technological support when you just jump in the water. And if you’re not an excellent swimmer you shouldn’t.

    Poor Guy, hopefully this will be a lesson to others..

  3. To Bethnking
    persons can drown in 3 inches of water, calm seas etc. Maybe he hit his head on entry or got stung by something when he entered the water.
    Don’t assume people only drown in non-calm seas. The article does not indicate anything of what happened, you personally did not see the accident or know what happened. That’s what the autopsy is for.

    My condolences to the Kinch family and friends.

  4. Wow, I got blasted on this one. I just don’t get it though. I have been swimming in South Florida’s waters the Florida Keys and here in the Caribbean under every imaginable condition for a long time and I have never not been able to make it back to shore.

    I couldn’t agree more about the respect for the ocean but at the end of the day it’s not that difficult. And I swam in hurricane Andrew waters, albeit a much younger person. Just be one with the water………

    I feel for the loss to the family.

  5. It is a downright shame that people would thumbs down folks that offer their condolences to the family and victim of such a tragedy ending in someone losing their life.

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