Budding riders show flawless form

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation was thrilled to welcome Rick Albertson back to the Island when he recently visited Grand Cayman on vacation. Albertson is experienced in training young and old horses from training level to Grand Prix and is very involved in the competitive horse-racing world.

Alberston kindly agreed to take time out of his vacation and judge two Dressage Training Shows, hosted by the federation this month. The first show was held at the Cayman Riding School in Savannah. Despite the wet conditions hampering the terrain, all the horses were beautifully turned out and all performed their tests exceptionally well. The riders entered two dressage tests, USDF B and USDF C and had great results.

Amara Thompson on Rumor Has It finished with 77.50 per cent, Hannah Fowler riding Honeycomb recorded a 67.50 per cent result, Dane Muspratt on Ninja Shadow got 66.25 per cent. Rider Eva Muspratt, while on Max, received a 66.25 per cent and Jenna Boucher on Katrina had a 65.625 per cent result. Rounding out the Test B participants were Michelle Boucher on Sarah (64.375 per cent) and Chloe Fowler on Shirley Temple who finished with a 61.25 per cent result.

Test C saw fewer candidates but equally impressive results. Michelle Boucher on Katrina and Amara Thompson on Rumor Has It both recieved 69.50 per cent. Chloe Thompson on Shirley Temple finished with 64 per cent. Rounding out the Test C results were Hannah Fowler on Honeycomb at 63.50 per cent and Dane Muspratt on Ninja Shawdow who recorded 62.50 per cent.

The second show at the Equestrian Centre was originally scheduled to be held, but due to the torrential rains and flooding it had to be postponed. However, part of the show was able to take place in between heavy showers and despite a scramble for the riders and horses to get ready, there were great results.

Under the FEI Elementary Test, Charlotte Hinds rode Kartouche and recieved 74.594 per cent. Under the CADI Preliminary Test, Anja Van Genderen rode Karma and had a 68.695 per cent result while Phoebe Serpell was on Me and My Shawdow and recieved a 66.522 per cent result.

The FEI Preliminary test saw the following results: Polly Serpell on Kartouche received 79.655 per cent, Phoebe Serpell on Me and My Shawdow received 75.517 per cent and Thea Millward rode Iggy Pop and received 73.448 per cent. Polly Serpell rode a second time, but on Karma and received 70.345 per cent. Cari Nelson on Odin got 63.793 per cent and Madeline Aquart finished with a 61.379 per cent score on Rambo.

Due to the weather, not all of the USDF B and C tests (along with one remaining preliminary test) had to be cancelled.

The federation was delighted to have the opportunity to host its first show at the Cayman Riding School and they look forward to hosting many more. They are now planning and preparing for the national show jumping competition in June 2012.

Cayman recently hosted the Caribbean Equestrian Association’s 2012 Junior Show Jumping competition. Thea Millward, 13, and Polly Serpell, 14, claimed first place.

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