Continue education in Cayman

So your high school days are almost over. What’s next? If you don’t already have a place on a university course starting in the fall, you might be wondering what your options are. The good news is that whether you want to develop specific skills that will qualify you to enter the job market in a short space of time, or you want to study a specialised subject in depth over the course of several years, there are a number of options right here in Cayman.

Employment opportunities are of course more limited in a country as small as the Cayman Islands, and a number of institutes of further education offer short and long-term courses that will equip school leavers with the skills and qualifications to gain employment in the main industries in the Cayman Islands.

Short Courses

If you don’t feel ready to commit to a two or three year degree course, you have other options: UCCI offers a variety of short courses that can prepare students for the workplace or for further education. Certificate programmes are designed to prepare individuals for more vocational careers with courses such as computer technician, electrical technology, construction technology and hospitality studies. Students who successfully complete these courses may go on to enrol on the degree programmes.

Continuing Education courses designed to develop specific skills, last seven to 14 weeks and are offered throughout the year at UCCI in academic, vocational and leisure topics.

International Management and Professional Training offers a variety of courses ranging from one day computer skills courses to internationally recognised qualifications in accountancy and offshore finance and administration. Baraud International also runs a range of one day courses in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access, all of which can enhance one’s resume and provide a good grounding in different computer applications.

Professional development courses

Those who opt out of university studies in favour of entering the workforce sooner can still attend evening courses at local colleges that will enable them to improve their professional skills and qualifications. Professional programmes leading to internationally recognised qualifications in legal studies, paralegal studies, Cayman banking, management practice and more are offered at UCCI.

Similarly at ICCI students can take professional development courses, which run for 11 weeks. The most popular of these are computer science and Spanish courses. Although these are not certification courses, students will gain credits, which can toward go a degree. All courses at ICCI run in the evenings making them accessible to those in nine to five employment.

Degree Programmes

For those wanting to study their chosen subject in greater depth both UCCI and ICCI offer accredited Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in various subjects.

The majority of degree courses available at both UCCI and ICCI are business-oriented and cover topics such as office administration, business administration, economics and computer studies. Associate degrees, which can be completed in 18 months, are also available in sciences, hospitality management, literary studies and social studies at UCCI. At ICCI Associate Degrees in Business can be taken with concentrations in accounting, banking, broadcasting, finance, hotel and tourism or information systems management.

Associate’s Degrees are ideal for those wanting to get out into the working world sooner rather than later. An Associate’s Degree will broaden a student’s general educational background as well as prepare them for the job market by developing practical job entry skills.

On completion of an Associate’s Degree, students often have the option of completing a further year of study to get their Bachelor’s degree.

Post graduate courses are available in the form of Master’s in Management and an MBA at ICCI and MBAs, Masters in Human Resource management, at postgraduate diplomas in Education at UCCI.

In addition to these Master’s degrees, specialised schools offer students the chance to study law, medicine and veterinary science in the Cayman Islands. Students at the School of Veterinary Medicine can complete seven semesters of study here before going on to do a year of clinical instruction in the US or Canada. St. Matthew’s University students spend five semesters in Cayman studying science and pre-clinical topics before going on to their clinical rotations in the US or UK and law students can gain their law degree at the Cayman Islands Law School.

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