Thea excels in leaps and bounds

Cayman’s national showcase for equestrian jumpers was a great success.

Last Sunday, the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation held it’s annual National Show Jumping Competition. The event was held at the Equestrian Centre and thankfully the weather obliged and provided a clear day with gentle breezes.

The day started well, with visiting horses arriving bright and early and jump arenas being damped to keep the dust down. The results of the jumping classes was as follows:

Phoebe Serpell on Me and My Shadow was first in the 60 centimetre section. She was followed by Ashley Van den Bol on Miss Miami, Madeleine Aquart on Princess, Cari Nelson on Patrick and Tess Holmes on Patrick.

Serpell would then claim first place in the 70cm category, again on Me and My Shadow. In second was Michelle Boucher on Katrina.

From there, Thea Millward dominated the proceedings. On Storm she claimed first place in the 75cm segment. She was also second on Iggy Pop. Michelle Boucher on Katrina was third with Polly Serpell on Durango in fourth.

Millward won the one metre category on Iggy Pop with Polly Serpell placing second on Storm.

The federation is happy to advise that this is the first year it has offered a 1m jumping class and was happy that this class attracted two entrants. The federation is now hoping to be able to enter the FEI World Jumping Challenge in 2013. In this competition, the lowest regulation height is 1m and rises to 1.10m and 1.20m.

The jumping courses are designed by a course designer appointed by the FEI and are the same in all participating countries. For the federation to host such an event, it will require significant sponsorship and a large open field/arena. Mary McTaggart, coach of the winners of the 60cm, 70cm, 75cm and 1m, said that she was very proud of all of her riders and she had worked hard, in particular, with those who pushed to be able to enter the 1m category.

The national show also allowed for several training events including cross rails and an 45cm jumping competition held in a smaller arena and the following riders all received clear round ribbons: Sydney Crowley, Eva Muspratt, Tess Holmes, Jenna Boucher, Chloe Fowler, Teagan Galloway, Hannah Fowler, Gayle Taylor and Ashley Van den Bol.

For more information, please contact Milly Serpell at [email protected] or call 926-1551

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