Courtney stalks Aussie stumps

Courtney Young has been the most outstanding umpire in the Cayman Islands for many years. Today, he stands among the best in the cricketing world.

As a member of the International Cricket Council Associates and Affiliates Panel, he officiated at the ICC Youth World Cup Qualifier in Ireland 2011 and excelled in his duties. Now he will officiate in the ICC Youth World Cup in Australia on 11-27 August. Young states his experience in Ireland was an eye-opener.

“Ireland was cold but enjoyable,” Young said. “I learned a lot from the pretournament seminars. It was great camaraderie with the other umpires, meeting friends and making new ones. It was also an opportunity to see firsthand the future stars of world cricket as they begin that long journey.

“I feel humble and honoured to be chosen. There are a number of excellent umpires here and across the associates and affiliates. To be chosen to be on the panel and given this opportunity to officiate at the ICC Youth World Cup is really a privilege and honour. The sky is the limit. I want to test myself and I will continue to work towards the highest level.”

Young is certified by the West Indies Cricket Umpires Association. He began his umpiring career in 1993, having decided to continue his love for cricket in another facet of the game. His love for umpiring began early from high school days but really took off after a successful playing career with local clubs By Rite, Blue Marlin and Deloitte. Young states he had inspiration to be an umpire.

“Steve Buchnor has been an inspiration to me. I admired his cool demeanour and his knowledge of the game. There is progress amongst our umpires with a number already on the ICC Americas various panels. Our level is reasonably high and comparable to the standards in the rest of the Caribbean countries.”

Young was elected as President of the Cayman Islands Cricket Umpires Association in 1995 and passed the mantle over in 2012 having seen the local umpires progressed successfully to regional and international levels.

He is still active on the local scene, officiating matches at the Smith Road Oval. He also utilizes his experience by assisting upcoming umpires both in regular training sessions and giving on-field guidance.

Young states his time in Cayman has helped him tor each great heights internationally.

“Umpiring in the Cayman Islands is an excellent yardstick for development as the cricketers and spectators are extremely knowledgeable. Although it is felt that our regional standards have somewhat dropped due to the passing on of some of our outstanding cricketers from US, Bermuda and Cayman, there are still challenges to encourage progress.”

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