The Tide is Hi, but we’re holding on

Cayman’s favourite acoustic Caribbean pop act Hi Tide is a well-known staple of the live scene.  

The band’s latest appearance is at Live on the Paseo at Camana Bay on Friday, 14 September from 7pm and Sean Hennings is here to tell us all about the act, which was formed in 1993.  

What are the crowd-pleasing hits? 

“A favourite Hi Tide song has always been ‘All We Need is Change’ from our first album, Change. I think our biggest crowd pleaser is ‘Love You More’. And right now people are also digging ‘Every Time’ because it is being used by Ortanique Restaurant for their commercial and is being played a lot on TV and in the cinemas. 

“We write music the old-fasioned way – with pencil and paper.  

Just kidding; They all come from melodies and poems in our heads. Either Shane [Allenger] or myself come up with the melody and some lyrics then we get together to complete it,” says Sean, the big kidder. 


Exciting launch 

Although the band is a duo – Sean Hennings and Shane Allenger – they’ve also worked on stage and in the studio with basically most musicians you can think of. Sean did send us a list but we’d need a 700 page Weekender to do everyone justice and quite frankly that prospect terrifies us as much as it probably does to those who are forced to read it. 

Hi Tide recently completed a live CD and DVD called The Studio Center Sessions and its launch is going to be pretty special, we hear. 

“We are planning to release it on 29 September in Florida where we have been lucky enough to be chosen as the main headliner for the Space Coast Music Festival in Cape Canaveral,” Sean reveals. Check out Weekender of Friday, 21 September for a lot more on that one. 

In the meantime go see ’em for yourself.  

Alongside the Paseo gig, they’re also regulars at Deckers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7.30 to 10.30pm and theReef in East End on Tuesdays from 7 to 10pm. 


Hi Tide is a popular duo in the Cayman Islands and a new CD and DVD is on the way. – Photo: Submitted