Auditions set for upcoming plays

Exciting news for the budding singers among us comes with the announcement of two auditions for a forthcoming show. 

Show Stoppers is described as a concert-style evening of great songs from stage, screen or radio and performances will be from 23-25 November. But to make that happen the show needs people.  

Auditions are taking place on Wednesday, 3 October at 7pm as well as Saturday, 6 October at 2pm at Prospect Playhouse in Red Bay. 

Neil Rooney of the Cayman Drama Society tells us that these shows take place every couple of years. 

“It gives us a chance to see new performers, gives us a chance to workshop with them and provides some variety for our viewers,” Neil says. “It also allows the drama society to provide a high-energy show with a lot of the qualities of a big musical without the massive overhead and production complexities of a large scale show.  

“I produced and directed Hairspray earlier this year and could not do a second full-scale production in one calendar year. This format is also nice for those who want to perform at Cayman Drama Society but for various reasons cannot commit to a four month musical production schedule. It works on a lot of levels.” 

He’s right, ya know.  


Some tips 

To prepare for the auditions, he says, potential show stoppers should practice a couple of songs they’ve always wanted to perform as a soloist. 

“If the songs will need some backup from additional singers no problem – we will help produce all musical numbers. Songs can be from shows, films, radio – we are just looking for great performances. 

“Bring sheet music, backing tracks or sing a cappella. Don’t be shy – the cast will be very strong and you must bring energy to the performance. Practice your audition piece in front of family or friends a number of times before you come, and ask them for feedback. Avoid performing the piece for the first time publicly at the audition – be comfortable, use your hands and sing the lyrics, tell the story,” Neil says. 

When the show eventually does go ahead, there will be around four or five full ensemble numbers. There’s also a few exciting new additions, says Neil, including fresh new songs from Broadway hits Secret Garden. 

“The show is going to be a great night of comedy, drama and great singing,” concludes Neil. “I expect to have Cayman’s best singers all in one place on one night – that is going to be worth attending, I can assure you.” 


Auditions take place at 
Prospect Playhouse on Wednesday, 3 October at 7pm plus Saturday, 6 October at 2pm. Please provide sheet music, pre-recorded backing tracks or sing a cappella. Contact [email protected]
for more information. 

avenue 1 puppets

Don’t be a muppet, get those vocal chords in gear. Avenue Q awaits! – Photo: File