Heavy metal physics and why Def Leppard still rules

We always knew that metal music would save the world one day. 

Latest confirmation of this truism comes courtesy of Cornell graduate physics student, Jesse Silverberg. The intrepid science dude took his missus to a metal gig and suddenly realised that the mosh pit, with its random individual movements, actually followed a few simple rules. This, Jesse told The Atlantic, was a heck of a lot like the way that gas particles move. 

“It turns out that the statistical description we use for gasses matches the behaviour of people in mosh pits. In other words, people bounce around like the molecules in a gas.” This phenomenon is somewhat inspired by a mix of loud music, relatively high beats per minute – and mild intoxication. 

Talking of which, Big Boss Brewing Company has released an arcade gaming machine called The Last Barfighter. It’s basically a beat-em-up game, albeit with added butt slaps and unicorn horn-impaling moves. But credit where it’s due, the marketing guys added one heck of a payoff: win three rounds and you get a sample of beer dispensed automatically. In real life. Yabadabadoo! 


Beer can do anything 

More awesome beer power comes to us courtesy of the geniuses behind the Epiphany One Puck, which uses a Sterling engine to turn heat or well-chilled drinks into energy. It’s a coaster that goes underneath your drink, be that a cup of tea or, yup, a cold, cold beer, then uses that heat/cold as an energy source to charge up your smartphone. How awesome is that? It’s still in the kickstarter phase of gathering dosh to actually mass-produce, so dig deep, beer and phone fans. 

Alcohol, of course, is created from fermentation of sugars by yeast. Turns out that sugar is actually a powerful wound-treating substance. Moses Murandu, a senior lecturer in adult nursing at Wolverhampton University, grew up in Zimbabwe, reported the Daily Mail. There, a folk remedy passed down the generations was to use sugar to heal wounds and reduce pain. This was unknown in the UK before Moses introduced it and it works by drawing water away from the wound, which robs bacteria of their fuel so therefore they die. This promotes clean healing where antibiotics and modern dressings have otherwise failed. Seems Def Leppard were on to something all those years ago after all. 

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