Run for K9s slated

The tables will turn this weekend and dogs will be protesting when their owners rouse them from their Sunday morning slumber to drag them out for a 5K run. 

It’s the CARE (Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts) fourth annual K9 5K Fun Run and Dog Jog, and dogs and owners can run as a team.  

Those who don’t have dogs can still enter, however, and run unaccompanied. 

The run begins bright and early at 7.30am and the course will be a double loop through the Town Centre at Camana Bay.  

Registration fees ($20 per person) will help raise funds for CARE’s community spay and neuter programmes.  

Owners and dogs will be given drinks and snacks at the finish line and trophies will be awarded to the top three male and to three female runners without dogs.  

A separate prize, sponsored by Cayman Animal Hospital, will be given to fastest man and woman with a dog.  

The rest of the runners will still have a chance to take a prize home as there will be a random prize drawing with gifts certificates donated by several Camana Bay businesses.  


Participants can register in person immediately before the race, or at the registration desk which will be set up on Saturday, 2 March from 11am to 2pm under the Observation Tower, Camana Bay. 


  1. I have a question: That is whay is it that these runs are always held on a Sunday morning. Is this a deliberate touch to keep people away from Church. Further more, those Caymanians who are taking part in this Sunday morning run should be ashamed of missing church every sunday because of it. Why cant it be done Sunday evening or Saturday evening. Is it Caymanians incharge of the 5K run? No. I did not think so. Why that Caymanians do not stick to their tradition and stop sneezing from other people’s cold. Can a Caymanian see furhter than the tip of his nose and make a decision. Nothing wrong with the 5 k run but yes smething is wrong with it being held on Sunday mornings.

  2. I have a question for YOU, Hunter…why you gotta stick your nose in other peoples business?? It’s not up to you to judge people whether they go to church on Sunday morning or go for a run..STOP judging other people. At least they are running for a good cause. What can you say YOU have done for a good cause??

  3. Rorschach – I am sure Hunter can speak for himself but I understand his point to be that there may be persons who would like both to go to church and go on this run and they are unfairly being forced to make choice because of the timing. I think that is a fair point and doesn’t seem to be a matter of judging or sticking his nose into other people’s business.

  4. If I felt that Hunter’s comment was meant in that spirit, Speaker, I would understand, but his tone is one of judgment and derision and telling people that they should be ashamed to miss church because a run is on Sunday morning. To my knowledge there isn’t one single church on Island that only holds church service on Sunday Morning at 7:30AM, so he should STOP assuming that people who decide to run for a good cause, do so instead of going to church at another time. It’s a perfect example of the old adage of remove the post from your eye before you point out the mote in mine.

  5. If CARE had a share of the nation building fund as big as some of the churches got, they wouldn’t need to do this at all…

    Hunter, please feel free to organise as many of these events for non sundays as you wish, I know CARE will be greatly appreciative of all you efforts when you do so…

    The average dog is a nicer person than the average person. – Andy Rooney.

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