Boucher leaping up the ranks

Local equestrian is making strides to improve its jumping ability. 

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation held the first leg of the National Show Jumping Championship for both adults and juniors this month. The course at the Equestrian Centre on Linford Pierson Highway was a Fédération Equestre International World Jumping Challenge Category C course. 

The results are based on faults and where riders in a class had the same amount of faults, time was the deciding factor. There will be four legs to this series this year. Points will be awarded to first through fourth places in each leg, the winner of the series being the rider with the most points at the end of the series. 

Juliette Forrester rode Apollo to the .60 metre adult class title ahead of Jessica McTaggart on Dexter. Phoebe Serpell on Me and My Shadow won the .60m child crown over Madeleine Aquârt on Zeus, Ashley van den Bol on Amarilla and Dane Muspratt on Ninja Shadow. 

Jessica McTaggart won the .70m adult class on Dexter ahead of Michelle Boucher on Katrina. Petra Pinkerton claimed the .70m child division on Durango ahead of Hannah Fowler on Apollo, Ashley van den Bol on Amarilla, Phoebe Serpell on Rambo, Madeleine Aquârt on Zeus, Dane Muspratt on Ninja Shadow. 

Michelle Boucher topped the .85m adult on Katrina, with Petra Pinkerton winning the .85m child category on Durango over Amara Thompson on Rumour Has It. For the .90m-1m class, Thea Millward dominated on Iggy Pop and Storm. 

The federation is now preparing to host the FEI World Jumping Challenge Category C competition in April, which will allow our show jumpers to compete in an internationally recognized competition.  

This year, the FEI event is entering its 35th year of existence. In 2013, 55 National Federations applied for one of the three different A, B and C categories. Originally, that competition was created to provide less experienced jumping riders with an opportunity to compete on an international level without having to leave their own countries.  

Over time, the competition contributed to the development of jumping – an Olympic event and one of the most popular equestrian disciplines world-wide. Many riders who have participated in the FEI challenge successfully competed at an elite level. 

The launch of the local show jumping championships coincided with a family fun day at the equestrian centre. There was a BBQ and bake sale, along with gymkhana games and cross rail jumping competitions.  

Gymkhana games for horse and rider combinations were: Apple Bobbing, Cup Race (beginner class), Egg and Spoon, Pole Bending, Walk-Trot-Walk-Lead (beginner) and Walk-Trot-Canter-Lead and Obstacle Course (advanced class). 

The results saw Madison Ameline on Snow White tie Sophie Scott on Princess for the Lead Line segment. In the beginner class, heat one saw Leah Alberga on Charm followed by Jade Barnard on Snow White and Megan Swartz on Jelly.  

Heat two featured Skye Buckley on Charm top Sophie Superfine on Snow White and Kayla Mannisto on Jelly. Heat three showcased Abbey Swartz on Twinkle beating Charli Milgate on Charm, Bradley McLaughlin on Snow White and Saskia Drake on Princess. 

The intermediate segment saw Ashley van den Bol on Amarilla win heat one ahead of Sydney Crowley on Princess. Gayle Taylor won heat two on Twinkle ahead of Hannah Fowler on Honeycomb and Zoe van den Bol on Amarilla. 

Thea Millward won the advanced class on Ashes, ahead of Anja van Genderen on Karma, Madeleine Aquârt on Zeus and Petra Pinkerton on Joey Two Spots. 

It should be noted that the gymkhana games got progressively more exciting until, as has become tradition, three veteran adult competitors took to the saddle. Jessica McTaggart on Zeus, Joe Jackson on Ashes and Jennifer Frost on Joey Two Spots showed their stuff in a walk-trot-canter-canter race that thrilled spectators. 


For more information on local equestrian, contact Milly Serpell on 926 1551 or [email protected] 


Petra Pinkerton won the children’s division.


Michelle Boucher made dazzling jumps in the adult segment.

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