People's National Alliance formed

The members of the interim government have finally revealed their new party name – the People’s National Alliance.

Tourism minister Cline Glidden Jr. told lawmakers late on Monday night that, despite having said last year he did not plan to run in the 2013 election, he would run for office in May “with his fellow members of the People’s National Alliance”.

He will be running with current serving government members Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, Mark Scotland, Dwayne Seymour and Rolston Anglin, as well as Richard Christian, who announced Friday, 22 May, that he planned to run with the group in Bodden Town.

The interim government, nicknamed the “Fab Five” in some quarters in lieu of an official name, had repeatedly refused to be drawn on they would be called. Mr. Glidden’s comment at the Legislative Assembly, which will be dissolved by Governor Duncan Taylor today, was the first public indication of the name of the new party.

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