Cancer wall has tales of hope

Thirty-five portraits hang on the wall at the entrance of the George Town Hospital, each one has a different story to tell but all with the same message – Hope. 

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society and hospital staff unveiled the Wall of Hope Friday evening, 26 April, which displays the portraits of local cancer survivors.  

Breast cancer survivor Linda DaCosta and chair of the Cancer Society board of directors said the purpose of the wall is to inspire hope. “We want people to see the smiling happy faces of people like us who beat cancer so others will know they can beat it too,” she said. 

Lizzette Yearwood, chief executive officer of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority, said she saluted each and every one whose photo appears on the wall. “You are truly our inspiration to us all,” she said. 

She said the hospital was happy to join forces to help fight the fight against cancer. “We work together to provide diagnostic tests like mammograms, pap tests, and, of course, detailed treatment plans for patients with cancer. In addition, we recognise how important it is to gain an understanding of cancer in Cayman, so we joined forces to create a Cancer Registry to help us answer questions like: How many people in Cayman have had cancer?” 

Ms Yearwood encouraged anyone with cancer, or who has had cancer, or family members of people who have died from the disease, to contact the registry. 

She also explained the Cancer Society was in the process of creating a new state-of-the-art chemotherapy unit for the HSA, which will make it possible for more people to receive treatments right here on island, where friends and family can be there to provide the love and support they need in comfortable surroundings. 

The new chemo unit is slated to open at the end of this year. 

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