The importance of a hurricane healthy shopping list

Just as we try to hurricane-proof our homes, boats and land in the event of a storm, we need to make preparations in our kitchen cupboards as well to ensure we keep healthy during a hurricane.

During times of stress, the importance of nutrition is vital as the body system works to maintain balance, wellness and equilibrium.

Unfortunately, many people place a low level of importance on the quality of food in the best of times. In hurricane season, stocking up on comfort foods – chips, cookies, sweets and sodas – is often the trend, but don’t forget about the foods that provide important protein, carbohydrates and fibre.

The trend to stock up on corned beef, canned sausages and other high-fat, nutritionally-low valued foods is evident in what makes it to shopping carts.

There are, however, many healthy alternatives that meet the same criteria for a ‘hurricane-prepared cupboard’ – foods that are storable, usable and within a reasonable price. For starters, the corned beef and sausages can stay on the shelf.

Eating healthy is important, especially during times that generate more physical and emotional stress. Good food ensures that we are running on all systems to their maximum best, that we are able to make intelligent decisions, cope with problems, efficiently manage stress and maintain the necessary strength to get things done.

Eating well will give you and your family an advantage in keeping germs, viruses and general sickness away by building a strong, robust immune system.

My hurricane preparation always includes a larger-than average store of water. Start this week to increase the amount of water you store.

A retail shopping trip for your hurricane preparedness-foods should include:

Good sources of protein – include cans of tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, oysters, herring, chicken, turkey and beans

Multi-grain crackers and peanut butter, or almond, tahini or sunflower butter

Fruits – they are so important. Be sure to select only those canned in water or in their own juice to avoid sugar overload

Canned vegetables that can make the grade include beets, asparagus, mushrooms, beans, and tomatoes. Not as good as fresh or frozen, but still an important addition to hurricane preparedness.

Purchase carton varieties of almond/soya or regular milk for cereal

Please send me a message if you have additional ideas to share about how you make a healthy, hurricane-prepared kitchen cupboard and I will share them in upcoming columns.

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During times of stress, the importance of nutrition is vital as the body system works to maintain balance, wellness and equilibrium.

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