Regina trots to podium finish

Equestrian riders recently showed their best moves. 

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation hosted the Cayman leg of the Caribbean Equestrian Association’s 2013 Dressage Competition last month. The event comprised of two teams, children and adult individual classes, as well as a high point award for both children and adult categories. The teams are made up of the top three scores for each category and must be a score from the rider and/or horse’s first entry into the competition. 

The federation welcomed Meri-Lynn Griffin, a USEF Dressage ‘R’ class judge, who was appointed by the association to travel to all participating countries to judge all riders. This ensured that the competition was fair and all riders competed on an equal basis.  

Griffin made specific comments on how impressed she was with the number of riders, the level of riding and the enthusiasm for the sport. She stated that it was a true reflection of the excellent coaching the riders are receiving. Griffin diligently completed her commitment to judge the Cayman leg in spite of a postponement due to heavy rain, lightning and thunder. 

Riders from Cayman Riding School, who had transported their horses from Bodden Town, had to make a return to participate in the show because of the weather and federation was grateful for their determination to compete.  

Cayman’s children dressage team riders were Phoebe Serpell, Thea Millward and Madeleine Aquart with the adult riders being Jessica McTaggart, Regina Nowak and Mary Alberga. 

The Cayman teams performed exceptionally well with the children’s squad placing first with a score of 217.759 per cent, in second place was Jamaica with a team score of 206.724 per cent, third place went to Trinidad with a team score of 202.069 per cent and in fourth place was Barbados with a team score of 195.552 per cent.  

This is the third year that Cayman’s children’s team has won the CEA Mini Dressage and all participants are very happy with their performance even though the weather conditions proved difficult.  

Cayman’s adult team placed second overall with a team score of 212.686 per cent with Bermuda claiming the top adult team place with a team score of 216.115 per cent. 

The individual CEA results were as follows:  

Children’s Preliminary – Phoebe Serpell on Me and My Shadow, 76.552 per cent, first place; Thea Millward on Iggy Pop, 72.241 per cent, second place; Madeleine Aquart on Zeus, 71.034 per cent, third place; Cari Nelson on Partenon, 69.138 per cent, fourth place; Madeleine Aquart on Posh, 68.966 per cent; fifth place; Anja Van Genderen on Karma, 68.793 per cent, sixth place. 

Polly Serpell on Calidad, 68.793 per cent, finished in seventh place and Chloe Fowler on Shirley Temple, 67.759 per cent, had eighth place; ahead of Phoebe Serpell on Rambo, 67.241 per cent, ninth place; Ashley van den Bol, 65.172 per cent, 10th place; Amara Thompson on Rumour Has It, 62.414 per cent, 11th place and Cari Nelson on Dexter, 56.207 per cent, 12th place.  

Adult Preliminary – Regina Nowak on Leonora, 70.690 per cent, first; Melanie McTaggart on Smart Racer, 67.931 per cent, second and Charlotte Hinds on Munroe Carr, 66.207 per cent, third. For the Adult Prix St George event, Jessica McTaggart on Ray of Light placed first at 70.658 per cent.  

The Prix St George was the most advanced dressage test to be ridden and Jessica’s score was one of her best to date. Jessica has frequently competed overseas and has represented Cayman at the Pan American Games and the Central Caribbean Games.  

Adult Elementary – Mary McTaggart on Partenon, 67.838 per cent, first, Joseph Jackson on Kartouche, 67.703 per cent, second and Charlotte Hinds on Monroe Carr, 67.027 per cent, third.  

Cayman’s high point winners were Phoebe Serpell in the children’s category and Regina Nowak in the adult category. Serpell’s score of 76.555 per cent was actually the highest score registered throughout the whole CEA competition. Three of Cayman’s top dressage riders are busy preparing themselves for the Children of the Americas Dressage Invitational competition in Boston in August 2013.  

The federation took advantage of having a dressage judge on Island and went ahead and hosted a National Dressage show after the CEA Dressage Show. Once again, the federation had to dodge rainstorms and lightning but managed to host the show immediately after the CEA Dressage Show.  

The results of the national dressage show were as follows:  

CADI Preliminary: Phoebe Serpell on Me and My Shadow, 70.217 per cent, first 

USDF B test Adult: Jessica McTaggart on Joey Two Spots, 69.063 per cent, first 

USDF B test Child: Saskia Drake on Me and My Shadow, 68.438 per cent, first and Meegan Slattery on Max, 65.939 per cent, second. 

USDF test C Adult: Jessica McTaggart on Joey Two Spots, 69.000 per cent, first. 

USDF test C Child: Basil Humphries on Posh, 67.500 per cent, first; Sydney Crowley on Patrick, 65.750 per cent, second; Madeleine Aquart on Ashes, 65.500 per cent, third; Gayle Taylor on Patrick, 64.750 per cent, fourth; Zoe ven den Bol on Amarilla, 64.500 per cent, fifth; Danielle Malyk on Odin, 55.750 per cent, sixth. 

USEF Training Level Test 3: Polly Serpell on Calidad, 65.000 per cent, first and Cari Nelson on Dexter, 57.800 per cent, second. 

CADI Freestyle: Thea Millward on Iggy Pop, 74.809 per cent, first. 

The freestyle is a dressage routine that the rider creates with their own music and moves. It was very exhilarating to watch Thea and her horse practice her Freestyle that she intends to use at the CADI competition later this year.  

It was both Basil Humphries’ and Saskia Drake’s first time entering a national dressage show and both performed exceptionally well and won their respective classes. Other new riders to enter the top arena at the Equestrian Centre were Meegan Slattery, Chloe Fowler, Danielle Malyk, Gayle Taylor, Zoe van den Bol and Sydney Crowley.  

It was also a great pleasure for the federation to welcome Joseph Jackson and Mary Alberga back into the show ring as both experienced riders have not competed in the last several dressage shows.  

The show was a great success but regrettably because of combining the two shows into a single day event, due to bad weather, not everyone was able to ride all the tests they had entered. 


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Regina Nowak excelled on the Cayman team. – PHOTOS: SUBMITTED


Phoebe Serpell was sharp as usual.

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