New educational series for tourism sector


Workers in the tourism industry will get the chance to polish their skills at a series of educational seminars starting this summer. 

The new joint venture between the University College of the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association aims to provide professional development opportunities for employees in different sectors of the industry. It is also designed for jobseekers to enhance their skills and improve their resumes. 

The four seminars, focusing on aspects of the tourism and hotel industry, will take place at UCCI on 6 and 7 August and 14 and 15 August. 

There will be two sessions each day and guests have the opportunity to attend one or both of the seminars. 

A spokeswoman for CITA said: “Sessions will range in topics, from marketing, including social media and branding, to management and planning.” 

The August 7 session will be devoted to panel conferences. The morning panel will be conducted by Immigration and the National Workforce Development Agency. The afternoon session will focus on “hot tourism topics” discussed by members of the new government.  

Those that attend the entire series of seminars will get a completion certificate. 

“This is not only a great line item on the participant’s resume, but it also highlights the participant’s need to sharpen their skills and satisfy their need for professional growth,” the spokeswoman said. 

To conclude the series on August 15, two international speakers sponsored by Site Florida & Caribbean will be sharing their know-how during a full-day conference.  


For more information and tickets email [email protected]  


Tourism education seminars will be held at UCCI. – Photo: File

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