Juliette riding high on Apollo

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation recently hosted the third leg of the 2013 National Show Jumping Championship for both adults and juniors at The Equestrian Centre.  

All the volunteers and riders visiting from other barns were all able to jump into gear and turn up to both assist with the running of last month’s show and compete in the show.  

The course for the National Show Jumping Championship was a Fédération Equestre International World Jumping Challenge Category A course with a few minor adjustments to suit the show jumping arena and riders. The results, below, are based on faults and where riders in a class had the same amount of faults, time was the deciding factor. 

This is the first year that the federation has offered a national jumping series and this was the third leg of a total of four legs to the competition. Points are awarded first through fourth places in each leg and the national champions will be the riders with the most points in their classes at the end of the series. 

For the event, the federation welcomed back international judge Trina De Lisser from Jamaica, who consistently supports and works to develop equestrian in the Cayman Islands.  

Results of the second leg of the National Jump series was as follows:  

0.60 metre, Adult – first, Louise Foy, Secret and second, Juliette Forrester, Apollo  

0.60m, Child – first, Phoebe Serpell, Me and My Shadow; second, Hannah Fowler, Shirley Temple; third, Chloe Fowler, Shirley Temple; fourth, Madeleine Aquart, Zeus  

0.70m, Adult – Michelle Boucher, Katrina and Louise Foy, Secret  

0.70m, Child – Phoebe Serpell, Me and My Shadow; Hannah Fowler, Shirley Temple; Hannah Fowler, Honeycomb; Madeleine Aquart, Zeus  

0.85m, Adult – Michelle Boucher, Katrina  

0.85m, Child – Thea Millward, Storm; Polly Serpell, Calidad; Amara Thompson, Rumour Has It; Georgia Austin, Penelope  

0.90m-1m, Open – Thea Millward, Storm; Polly Serpell, Calidad; Thea Millward, Iggy Pop; Amara Thompson, Rumour has It  

Some great highlights included Phoebe Serpell placing first in both the .60m and .70m course, Thea Millward placing first on Storm in both .85m and .90m-1.0m and watching Louise Foy on Secret compete in the top arena for the first time and win the 0.60m adult class.  

The federation was also thrilled to welcome Hannah Fowler back into the show jumping ring after an injury and happy to finally see Polly Serpell competing on her own horse Calidad after a long run of both horse and rider injury.  

This year, the FEI World Jumping Challenge is entering its 35th year of existence. In 2013, 55 national federations have applied for one of the three different A, B and C categories and Cayman hopes to host FEI Category A Jumping Challenge in November this year for the first time. This competition will involve jumping four different courses at a maximum height of 1.20m.  

Originally, this competition was created to provide less experienced jumping riders with an opportunity to compete on an International level without having to leave their own countries. Many riders who have participated in the FEI World Jumping Challenge successfully competed or still compete at elite level. 

For the first time, the federation offered an Equitation Jumping Class at all heights for both Junior and Adults. This class is based on the judges rating of the riders position, the harmony and rhythm between the horse and rider, the presentation of the horse and rider as well as the rider’s control of the horse and the obedience of the horse.  

The results of the equitation classes are as follows:  

Juniors – Phoebe Serpell on Me and My Shadow, 71 points, first place; Thea Millward on Iggy Pop, 69 points; Hannah Fowler on Shirley Temple, 67 points; Phoebe Serpell on Durango, 66 points  

Adults – Juliette Forrester, 57 points; Louise Foy, 56 points 

After the three legs of the 2013 National Show Jumping Series the Championship points are as follows;  

0.60m, Juniors – Phoebe Serpell, 13 points; Hannah Fowler, 8 points; Madeleine Aquart, 4 points; Chloe Flower, 2 points; Ashley van den Bol, 2 points; Georgia Austin, 2 points; Dane Muspratt, 1 point; Libby Galloway, 1 point  

0.60m, Adult – Juliette Forrester, 13 points; Louise Foy, 5 points; Regina Novak, 3 points; Jessica McTaggart, 3 points  

0.70m, Junior – Hannah Fowler, 11 points; Phoebe Serpell, 6 points; Petra Pinkerton, 5 points; Thea Millward, 3 points; Madeleine Aquart, 3 points; Chloe Fowler, 1 point  

0.70m, Adult – Michelle Boucher, 8 points; Jessica McTaggart, 8 points  

0.85m, Junior – Petra Pinkerton, 10 points; Amara Thompson, 8 points; Thea Millward, 5 points; Polly Serpell, 3 points 

0.85m, Adult – Michelle Boucher, 15 points; Jessica McTaggart, 3 points  

0.09m-1.0m, Open – Thea Millward, 15 points; Amara Thompson, 5 points; Polly Serpell, 3 points; Petra Pinkerton, 1 point  

1.0m-1.10m, Open – Thea Millward, 5 points  

Cross over, Junior – Petra Pinkerton, 1 point; Georgia Austin, 1 point  

The fourth and final leg of the 2013 National Jump series will be held in November and after this competition the 2013 National Champions for each class will be announced.  

The federation is actively looking for sponsorship for a variety of events and training for 2013 and asks that any interested party contact Milly Serpell on 926-1551 or [email protected] 


Juliette Forrester soared to new heights on Apollo.


Louise Foy had a good showing on Secret.


Thea Millward rode Storm to glory.

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