Logic donates tech equipment to UCCI

Logic Communications has donated some specialized information technology equipment to the University College of the Cayman Islands. 

The 12 Apple TV devices enable lecturers and students to wirelessly link their iPads to overhead projectors during class presentations. Two of the devices were successfully used in classrooms during a pilot period earlier in the semester.  

Thanking the company for its generosity, UCCI President Roy Bodden commended Logic’s spirit of corporate social responsibility: “The goodwill that your company is building through these donations will ultimately become an asset.” 

Logic CEO Mike Edenholm said, “Logic supports the work of UCCI and what they are doing in their classrooms to better equip their students and teachers with the resources needed to improve the educational experience. Logic is pleased to be a part of this initiative and wish UCCI the best.”
Both UCCI and Logic are in discussion on a longer-term relationship to expand the university’s IT programs both within UCCI and in community educational programs. 

“Our aim is to revolutionize instructional delivery at UCCI, as well as to expand the borders of UCCI,” Mr. Bodden said. “Technology affords an opportunity to reach a much wider audience that need not necessarily travel to UCCI.”
He added, “The expanding capability of technology presents many exciting opportunities for us and for the public.” 


Logic CEO Mike Edenholm presents one of 12 Apple TV devices to UCCI President Roy Bodden, right.

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