Ultra run is ultimate test

Many people start off the new year with intentions of getting fitter and losing weight and an ideal opportunity, albeit a little extreme, comes this weekend.  

Serious runners will compete in Cayman’s first fully-on-road ultra marathon of 53 miles on Saturday, Jan. 4.  

Organized by triathlete Dave Bennett, it starts from the tip of Barkers and finishes across the North Sound at Starfish Point. The course is simple, if long – just keep the water on the right.  

Besides very brave solo runners, four-person teams can enter to cover roughly 13 miles each and eight-person teams are also allowed.  

The inaugural staging of this event is entirely social and support is limited for this year. All runners will need to provide their own hydration and fuelling.  

Solo runners will have the assistance of vehicle support. Teams are self-sufficient and are providing their own transport, hydration and fuelling. Hand-over markers are on the map and will be marked on the road.  

The solo runners start at 4 a.m. and the teams at 6 a.m.  

Bennett said, “The delayed start for the teams means it should be a little lighter in Barkers. It will also provide a good head start for the solo runners and give the teams something to aim at. Not that it’s a race!” 


Dave Bennett will run the 53-mile ultra marathon. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD