Dive operator prepares to sink reef statue

A bronze sculpture of a mythical creature, known as the Guardian of the Reef, has arrived in Cayman, where it is hoped he will become the island’s latest shore diving attraction. 

The statue will be sunk in his permanent home, on a sandy flat 60 feet deep, just off Lighthouse Point in West Bay on April 12. 

The imposing statue – half ancient warrior, half seahorse – was commissioned to mark scuba operator Divetech’s 20th anniversary. 

“We are very excited to see the Guardian of the Reef in Cayman after his long voyage here over 4,500 miles and many, many months,” said Divetech owners Jay and Nancy Easterbrook. 

“To see him standing on shore, he is very majestic and will serve as a long-term reminder to all of us about the need to protect our reefs.”  

Festivities for the sinking begin April 11 at 3 p.m. with a launch party and dedication ceremony at the Divetech’s shop at Lighthouse Point.  

The process of transporting and sinking the sculpture is scheduled to start at 8 a.m. on Saturday. The sculpture will be moved by truck from Lighthouse Point to the port launch. The sinking contractor will tow the Guardian of the Reef to the site and place it on a concrete base already in place. 

Once erected, the statue will stand 17-feet tall and provide a dive attraction similar to the underwater mermaid sculpture off Sunset House. 

It is expected that over time it will become an artificial reef which serves as an attraction to fish and other marine creatures. 

Divetech aims to use the sculpture to help focus attention on ocean conservation during its yearlong celebration. One dollar from every dive made at the site will go to a local conservation education program. 


The Guardian of the Reef will be sunk next month.


The Guardian of the Sea, pictured here at Lighthouse Point in West Bay, will be sunk next month.


  1. Thanks for the headsup! My group will be thrilled to dive this statue and contribute to conservation education when we stay at Coconut Bay 6/25-7/2/14. So this will become the 366th official dive site, yes?

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