Cancer Society receives text donations

A social media campaign, NoMakeUpSelfie, which raised more than £8 million for Cancer Research UK, has helped raise $2,175 in online donations to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society. 

In Cayman, LIME has launched a text donation function, which will enable its customers to donate a minimum of $5 to the Cancer Society throughout April. 

The funds raised will go towards building a new chemotherapy unit to treat local cancer patients. 

“Now, thanks to LIME, we’re on to the next big thing, donating through text. It’s our first time to be able to do this, and it reaches out to people who are a lot younger and cooler than me,” said Jennifer Weber, the Cancer Society’s operations manager. 

“This is a project, by the people, for the people, any donation, large or small is meaningful to us,” she added. 

To make donations to the Cancer Society, LIME customers can text “#nomakeupselfie” to the shortcode 7465. 

Head of marketing at LIME, Julie Hutton said, “We were approached by the CI Cancer Society who saw how much money had been raised in the U.K. via social media using the #nomakeupselfie. They wanted a convenient way for people in the community to be able to donate to this worthy cause, so we came up with the idea of using a text short code which allows LIME mobile customers to donate $5 per text.” 

Postpaid customers will see the donation on their next bill and prepaid customers will have the donation automatically deducted from their credit. 

“We recognize that people truly want to support this important cause and we are delighted to provide an easy, convenient solution for making a donation,” said Ms. Hutton.  

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