High time you discovered Hi Tide

Cayman nights have been filled with sweet music for more than 20 years with acoustic Caribbean pop courtesy of Hi Tide. 

Sean Hennings and Shane Allenger are the duo at the heart of the matter, with extra musicians bolstering them to a four-piece act on occasion. 

Weekender spoke with Hennings this week. 

How did you get together?  

We are related, but didn’t meet until we were around 15 or 16, and we’ve been performing together ever since. We started Hi Tide in 1993 but first performed together in one of Cayman’s most popular bands, Network, from when we were in our teens to early 20s. As the acoustic duo, it’s me on acoustic guitar and Shane on lead vocals and congas. Our four-piece usually consists of me on drums, Shane on congas and lead vocals, Bugs Wilson on bass and Jonathan Ebanks on lead guitar. 

 What are your guaranteed floor fillers and why? 

I would say our original song “Love You More.” It’s a fun dance song with a very catchy hook. And whenever we play another original, “Every Time,” it grabs everyone’s attention. It’s not a floor filler, but many people love the song. 

 Tell us about the recordings you have put out to date and are there any plans for more? 

Eleven titles, four albums with original songs, two “Unplugged” cover albums, three Christmas albums, “A Live At Deckers” CD (which is a mix of originals and covers) and a live CD/DVD combo pack. And yes, we are currently working on our fifth studio album of originals. 

Which bands/artists are you fans of and what influences you?  

I am a Beatles, Bob Marley, Hendrix fan, but I am influenced by any music that is played well on real instruments. 

How is the Cayman music scene right now? 

It has been very good to Hi Tide, but we put in the time, fight, dedication and sacrifices to make it that way for us. I am sure different musicians have different views on this topic. 

What’s your musical ambition?  

When we first started, it was to get signed to a major label and tour the world, but for me now, it’s to get more of our music licensed to TV, movies, commercials etc., and to continue to do more festivals abroad. We have done quite a few festivals over the past few years and it’s always a thrill making new fans and friends overseas, and we love representing the Cayman Islands the best way we know how.

Most importantly, where can we see you guys live? 

Deckers every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. and every Tuesday at George Town Yacht Club 6 to 9 p.m. 

For more details, visit hitidemusic.com


Shane Allenger, left, and Sean Hennings of Hi Tide.
Dennie Warren Jr. / Better Angle