Haines thanks Manderson for raising hospice profile

Derek Haines is edging towards his $1 million Cayman HospiceCare target, thanks to the latest significant contribution, Sunday’s inaugural Deputy Governor’s 5k walk/run.

More than $420,000 has been pledged or raised so far, and Franz Manderson’s run from the Truman Bodden Sports Complex added at least $7,000.

Nearly 500 runners and walkers, including Haines, participated in Sunday’s event, far exceeding expectations. Watching from the sidelines was HospiceCare chairman Chris Duggan, who would have joined in at least the walk but for a bad back that recently needed surgery.

Haines has completed two of his six marathon runs and the next one is Pamplona, Spain on Jun. 28.

“Congratulations to Franz, Collin Anglin and Jennifer Ahearn and all those from the sports ministry who put this together,” Haines said. “There are a lot of different shapes and sizes here today and it may be the start of a healthier lifestyle for those who have maybe not done much walking and running before.”

He added that as people become fitter, less pressure will be placed on the health service and it means that health and wellbeing levels at work will improve.

He is pleased with other contributions from a Rotary auction on Saturday, this run and an upcoming fundraising dinner by Icoa.

“The whole thing is going really well, but we’ve still got to stick at it because we need $1m just for the build,” Haines said.

He added that HospiceCare needs $750,000 annually for operational costs and anyone who is already subscribing to that should not assume that it is also going to the $1 million building fund, which is separate.

“If you can’t afford to give to both, give it to HospiceCare,” he added.

Duggan said, “I congratulate Franz and all the ministries for their support and we’re incredibly grateful for Derek’s six4hospice to be the beneficiary for this event.

“As for Derek, he continues to pound the pavement, doing an amazing job and the funds are coming in. We had a great event at Rotary last night.”

Duggan added that if the $1 million target is reached before the end of the year, funds may go to the hospice’s operations as well.

Duggan is not just grateful for the financial boost from Haines but the fact that it has raised HospiceCare’s profile and the general public understands better now what services it provides.

“It was great to see today a couple whose 20-month-old little girl passed away who was in the care of Cayman Hospice,” Duggan said. “They came out today to show what Hospice did for them and their family.

“That’s what it’s all about. We care for the terminally ill in the community. It’s not what people like to talk about but it is such a critical service and Derek’s campaign has enabled us to start educating them.

“It is an amazing organization and I’m very proud to be part of it. I don’t do any of the hard work. The nurses are incredible and I’m happy to be able to help them fulfil their mission in the community.”

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