Doctors and dentists celebrated

More than 50 people came together at a gala dinner at the weekend to celebrate the Cayman Islands Medical and Dental Society’s 30th anniversary and to honor Dr. Sook Yin.

“Over the years, many gifted and dedicated practitioners have participated as CIMDS members with the mission of supporting and improving health care delivery in Cayman Islands through networking, sponsoring continuing education, working with the government, and always committed to the health of the public,” the Society’s president, Dr. Wilbert Veit Jr., told the Cayman Compass.

“It was a historic moment in the history of health care providers of Cayman Islands and I look forward to many years of exciting and innovative progress in the future,” he added. At the event, Dr. Yin, founder of the Seven Mile Medical Clinic and family practitioner, was given an award in “appreciation for many years serving the health needs of the people of the Cayman Islands.”
“I only found out that I was receiving the award 10 days ago,” Dr. Yin said, “and I was in Scotland at that time. Anyway, this is a very special year for the CIMDS as this is our 30th anniversary so the doctors and dentists all came together to celebrate this milestone and event.”
She was recognized for her public education efforts on issues relating to health and for being a driving force in numerous charitable health-related organizations and projects, some of which include: the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, the Cayman Heart Fund, the Children’s Health Task Force for Childhood Obesity, and the Cayman Amateur Swimming Team.

“We have wonderful and committed doctors and dentists in our midst who work quietly behind the scenes every day, saving lives and making a difference and improving the health of our nation,” said Dr. Yin.

“We are unsung heroes and genuinely care for our community. For me, this award is very special as to be honored is wonderful but to be recognized by your peers who know and appreciate the work that I have done and will continue to do is monumental,” she added.

Guests on the evening, who included the governor Helen Kilpatrick, Minister of Health Osbourne Bodden, together with his wife, Nancy, acknowledged Cayman’s doctors and dentists at the Wharf restaurant on Friday evening.

According to Dr. Veit, the Cayman Islands Medical and Dental Society was first organized in the late 1970’s by the chief medical officer at that time; the late Dr. John Williams. He said doctors used to hold meetings in their homes during that time where they discussed medical and dental issues. The organization was formally registered in 1984.

Some 50 doctors and six dentists are members of the Cayman Islands Medical and Dental Society.

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