Haines had to dig deep to finish

Derek Haines completed the Pamplona Marathon in Spain but had to overcome the after-effects of a cold to do so.  

Mr. Haines finished the 26.2 mile run with his daughter Lizzy in 4 hours, 12 minutes on Saturday night. It was the third of six marathons for the year as part of his $1 million Cayman HospiceCare target. 

The total pledged or collected amount is nearing $600,000 and that is expected to rise rapidly because last week Digicel and LIME joined forces to allow their customers to donate money through their cell phones to Mr. Haines’s six4hospice campaign. 

Both companies have set up a code number GIVE (4483) where Digicel and LIME customers can text the word “Derek” to donate $5. Each text sent will cost $5 and 100 percent of all donations will go to the cause.  

His campaign is becoming internationally renowned; he was photographed with Lizzy, who is a doctor, and the photo made Pamplona’s local newspaper on Sunday morning.  

“Remnants of my cold played havoc for the first 10 miles, making breathing painful and difficult,” Mr. Haines said. “Lizzy was quite concerned but kept a morale boosting banter going as I thought that our pace was slow.”  

Mr. Haines said that the course was mildly undulating but very pretty as it took them by the sights of the city and looped into the surrounding countryside with a long stretch by the river.  

At 12 miles, he had stomach problems and once overcome they got into a better pace and started to overtake. Their halfway time was slow at 2 hours, 9 minutes, but they picked up the pace and were not overtaken.  

“Darkness brought drizzle and I felt the drop in air temperature, but we kept it going with good support from the locals and our Caymanian supporters (including wife Helen).” 

“The last five miles were a struggle, but with great encouragement from Lizzy and the crowds, the historic Bull Ring came into view and we finished strongly,” he said. 

For more information and to make a separate donation, go to www.six4hospice.com. 


Lizzy and Derek Haines ran together.

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