Landfill ignites again

Firefighters returned to the George Town landfill over the weekend to tackle another fire.

“We are still working at it and we have it to the point where it is just smoldering,” Acting Chief Fire Officer Roy Grant told the Cayman Compass Monday morning. “This fire is in a totally different area [than a fire that ignited at the dump last month], and it is another deep-seated fire.”

Fire Service safety inspector Tina Choy said Monday that fire crews were applying water to a few remaining hot spots, but that the fire was under control.

Fire Service officials said they were alerted to the fire by a 911 call at 9:08 a.m. Sunday. Ms. Choy said once on scene, firefighters discovered a surface fire roughly 75 feet by 80 feet. Immediately, two water tankers were put into action while other officers arranged to move a trailer pump closer to the location so they would have a large supply of water,

Once the surface fire was extinguished, she said, station officer Herman Myrie arranged for an excavator to start digging, and smoldering areas as deep as 15 feet were discovered. The excavator overturned the garbage, and firefighters saturated it with water, according to the Fire Service.

Both Sunday’s fire and the July 19 fire – which made its way to the surface – were both deep-seated fires, according to Mr. Grant.

Following the July fire, Mr. Grant explained that deep-seated landfill fires can spontaneously combust and eventually make their way to the surface. With the current fire, he said, firefighters would keep digging until they came to the end of the vein to ensure the fire is completely extinguished.


  1. I wander if CIG has evacuation plan (both long and short term) in case the entire Dump explodes and becomes inextinguishable? Black smoke may prevent airport from functioning. Where do they plan to shelter half of the island’ population? Do they have hi-tech respirators for everyone? This is the worst case scenario, but quite probable.
    Why nobody demands answers? You owe this much to your children. This island is too small to hide from the potential disaster.

  2. Ozzie says that work on the solution they come up with will begin in 2017( Conveniently right around election time ) They also said there’s still plenty of room in the dump for more trash so I guess they plan of filling it to the rim. The solution will cost more that 100 Million Dollars and will most likely include another facility somewhere else on the island. So tell me again why was the Dart offer rejected.

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