Law firm volunteers join Magic reef restoration

Eight volunteers from law firm Appleby joined in the reef restoration work at the coral reef off George Town wrecked by a cruise ship.

The team donned dive suits and boarded an Off the Wall Divers boat earlier this month to help recover collect rubble and gather live coral from the damaged site.

Nearly 12,000 square feet of reef in front of Don Foster’s Dive operation was damaged on Aug. 27 when the Carnival Magic cruise ship, apparently on the instruction of a Bodden Shipping Agency pilot boat, dropped its anchor on virgin reef rather than at a designated anchoring site.

Since then, scores of professional and recreational divers have been volunteering their time and efforts to try to remove rubble from the site and salvage any coral that looks like it may survive. The rescued coral will be affixed to healthy coral sites in a bid to regrow it.

The divers from Appleby who joined the effort were Georgina Lange, Michelle Bolingbroke, Oliver Lawson, Richard Gordon, Stuart Geddes, Victoria King, Paul Kennedy and Traci Brummet.

Ms. Brummet, who organized the dive, said, “Filling and carrying the crates of rubble at depths of 60 feet and deeper is slow moving, but soon the reef will be in a state where reattaching rescued coral to the reef using marine epoxy can begin.

“The benefits of everyone’s efforts won’t be realized for some time to come but we’re delighted to have been involved in such a worthwhile project. The determination seen from other divers and dive operations, who are also volunteering their time and resources, is amazing.”