Sweet Spot brings back LeRoy

The Sweet Spot Cayman kitesurfing shop in East End is bringing world-renowned professional kiteboarder Damien LeRoy on island for the fourth annual Adventure Camp in the new year. 

The camp will be held at Sweet Spot’s kitebeach in East End on Jan. 18-23.  

LeRoy is one of the most respected kiteboarders in the world, appearing on multiple magazine covers, voted 2011 Association of Wind and Water Sports Industries Kiteboarder of the Year, and dominating in a variety of the sport’s disciplines.  

With sponsors like GoPro, Oakley, Cabrinha and Lululemon, LeRoy is one of the most celebrated kiteboarders to visit Cayman and he loves it so much this is his fifth trip here.  

LeRoy recommended Grand Cayman to Outside Magazine as one of the top five kiteboarding destinations in the world. 

LeRoy said in it, “The East End of the Caymans is a beautiful place. Lots to do, whether it’s diving, kiting, or surfing. The water is magical.”  

During the five days of the event, the organizers offer personalized instruction and riding to kiteboarders, some from abroad and others based locally.  

Organizer Mike Minichiello said, “This year, we have local kiteboarder Tynan Klein attending the camp on his debut as a professional kiteboarder.  

“Tynan has been coming to our camps for the past three years and through his work and effort – along with the relationship he has built with Damien – he is now a sponsored kiteboarder with the sport’s top manufacturer, Cabrinha.  

“Tynan will be continuing to progress his riding while learning the ropes during this event.” 

Minichiello is offering special riding at sessions in East End Sound, North Sound and Barker’s.  

For more information, go to www.sweespotwatersports.com


Damien LeRoy and Brandon Bowe make the most of Cayman’s kiteboarding scene.


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