Perfume maker wins new young entrepreneur award

A Caymanian businessman who began making perfumes as a hobby has been recognized as the islands’ Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015.  

Ted Green, 27, was chosen from among three other finalists for the award, which Sinclairs law firm initiated this year. Other nominees included Kristina Bramwell of Essential Services Uniforms, Latoya Francis, who operates Dhamiri-l, an online market for artisan goods, and Leonard Lewis of Caydev Innovations. Ms. Francis took second prize in the competition, which was held Wednesday night at the Westin resort.  

While it was “tough going” for Ted Green Fragrances in the beginning, according to Mr. Green, a marketing campaign that began in late 2013 has “made a tremendous impact on sales” in both the local and international markets, he said.  

“I sell overseas now, mostly to people who have been in Cayman and either buy or sample a fragrance here,” he said. “They order from my website. “[Perfume] really is a global industry. The first thing that comes to mind is not a local perfume. It’s tough being top of people’s minds when they’re looking for fragrances.”  

Things have gone well enough for Mr. Green to plan on launching a third fragrance later this year, to be called Cayman Candy. 

Sinclairs Managing Partner Sarah Dobbyn said the award, in its first year, was created by the Sinclair Group to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.  

“What we did not expect was that our own lives and those of the other judges would be changed and uplifted by seeing firsthand the extraordinary potential in the young people of the Cayman Islands,” she said.  

Ms. Dobbyn said all four finalists were chosen for the creativity, passion and courage the judges saw in them. All four received prizes. Mr. Green was awarded a package of training and corporate services valued at $35,000.  

The third place finalist, Ms. Bramwell, will have a company incorporated and a year of corporate services from Sinclair Corporate Services Ltd., and the fourth place finalist, Mr. Lewis, will have a free place on Shirlaws’ “lunch and learn” lecture series. The second prize winner, Ms. Francis, will also receive an additional prize of a place on the same lecture series. 

Judges for the award included local business coach Tom McCallum, Ms. Dobbyn, Deanna Price, Cynthia Hew and George Town MLA Winston Connolly.  


The finalists for the Young Entrepreneur Award, from left, are Latoya Francis, Kristina Bramwell, Leonard Lewis and Ted Green. – PHOTO: MAGGIE JACKSON


The judges congratulate the award winner, Ted Green. From left are Tom McCallum, Sarah Dobbyn, Mr. Green, Deanna Price, Cynthia Hew and Winston Connolly. – PHOTO: MAGGIE JACKSON


Perfume maker Ted Green won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. – PHOTO: MAGGIE JACKSON


  1. I love reading stories like this. It’s refreshing to hear about innovative young men and women who put their talents to work securing their future and the future of their children.

    Stories like this solidify my belief that ‘those who can do’ and that hard work and dedication does pay off.

    More role models for the next Generation, hopefully young people like these folks will get involved in some type of mentoring program or just talk to younger people inspiring and motivating them.