Radiation oncologist to talk about cancer awareness

A month of breast cancer awareness events ends Wednesday evening with an educational talk from a specialist in radiation oncology. 

Dr. Lav Goyal from Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will be the speaker at the presentation at the Lions Community Centre. The presentation is the final educational event of the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens’ annual breast cancer awareness month, which included 16 events. 

Radiation oncologists treat cancer using various forms of radiation to detect and kill malignant cells. Radiation therapy is often combined with other treatments, including surgery and chemotherapy. 

Dr. Goyal will discuss screening and treatment options for some of the most common cancer types, including breast cancer.  

“If they screen and there’s something that shows up, we can talk about what to do if there is a positive screen,” Dr. Goyal said. “It’s important because if we’re going to be efficient in the fight against cancer, then we’re most effective treating it at the earliest stage.” 

Dr. Goyal said he will also discuss the recent changes to the American Cancer Society’s recommendations about breast cancer screening.  

Holy Cross Hospital, which is sponsoring the event, has treated cancer patients from the Cayman Islands and is frequently involved in healthcare-related events in the country.  

“We love coming to Cayman and being involved in these community events. We were here in September for the Cancer Society’s health fair and we’re happy to be back again now to help raise awareness about breast cancer,” said Dr. Manuel Mantecon, Holy Cross Hospital’s director of international services. 

“The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens is doing great work throughout the month of October so we’re happy to join them in the fight against breast cancer,” he added. 

Cayman Islands Cancer Society Operations Manager Jennifer Weber said that every year hundreds of women turn out to hear the annual talk in George Town, where they can also receive a voucher for a free mammogram.  

The event takes place on Wednesday, Oct. 28, at 7:30 p.m. at the Lions Community Centre. 

Dr. Goyal

Dr. Goyal

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