Attorney on trial for inflicting grievous bodily harm

Trial began Wednesday for Simon Christopher Courtney, who has pleaded not guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm on two pedestrians along West Bay Road last year.

Courtney, an attorney, has also pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving and reckless driving in connection with the same incident, which occurred on Jan. 25, 2015.

The first two charges are that he unlawfully and maliciously inflicted grievous bodily harm on Kathy Schubert and Richard Schubert.

Details of the dangerous driving charge are that he drove a Ford Mustang Shelby along West Bay Road in the vicinity of the Villas of the Galleon in a manner that was dangerous to the public. A fourth charge, an alternative, is driving in a reckless manner.

Four men and three women comprise the jury in the case presided over by Justice Malcolm Swift.

Senior Crown counsel Tricia Hutchinson said jurors would hear evidence that Mr. and Mrs. Schubert, who had arrived on island the evening before the incident, were walking to a restaurant when they were hit from behind by a vehicle, throwing them into the air. Mrs. Schubert landed on the driveway median and Mr. Schubert landed on the sidewalk.

When emergency responders arrived, Courtney was not at the scene.

Ms. Hutchinson said jurors would hear from witnesses who saw the defendant at The Ritz-Carlton champagne brunch from shortly before noon until minutes past five. She also said they would see CCTV showing images of the road, the traffic and the collision.

The first witness said she saw the Mustang coming from under the pedestrian bridge at The Ritz-Carlton. She said it seemed to be going faster than it needed to for that area and for the condition of the road, which was wet. The car swerved, then made a sharp turn back into its own lane, went onto the sidewalk and struck an elderly couple.

She was still giving her evidence at press time.