Car that hit pedestrians was under speed limit

The car driven by defendant Simon Courtney was traveling at less than the speed limit when it hit two pedestrians along West Bay Road, a Grand Court jury heard on Friday and again on Tuesday.

Accident reconstructionist Collin Redden explained how he took two sets of measurements to calculate the speed at which Courtney drove between The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, where he had attended a champagne brunch, and Villas of the Galleon, where the accident occurred shortly after 5 p.m. on Jan. 25, 2015.

One set of measurements resulted in an average speed of 37.59 miles per hour; another set, taken between two points, resulted in a speed of 39.38 mph.

The speed limit at the time was 40 mph, Mr. Redden said. The speed limit on the road has since been reduced to 25 mph.

The car involved, a Mustang Shelby GT 500, was described by Mr. Redden as “high performance.” In his opinion, the collision could have been avoided if the driver had applied the throttle “in a much gentler manner,” taking into account the wet road conditions and the high-performance vehicle.

Mr. Redden also explained distinctive features of the “super charged” vehicle and the tires recommended for it by the manufacturer.

Justice Malcolm Swift and a jury of four men and three women were expected to hear from an expert called by the defense on Tuesday afternoon.

Courtney is charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm on pedestrians Richard and Kathy Schubert, and dangerous or reckless driving.

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