Husband shows up 12 hours after crash, wife testifies

The wife of a lawyer on trial for causing grievous bodily harm to two pedestrians described how her husband, Simon Courtney, turned up bloodied and covered in mud 12 hours after the accident occurred.

Elle Courtney, testifying as a defense witness, said that after her husband left the car following the accident, she did not see him again until around 5:30 the next morning at their home after he knocked on the bedroom window. He was disheveled, covered in mud and had dried blood on his face and a cut on his eyebrow, she said.

Mr. Courtney, in his evidence earlier in the week, said he had woken up the next day on a golf course.

Mrs. Courtney gave evidence Thursday morning in the trial of her husband, who is charged with causing grievous bodily harm and dangerous or reckless driving as a result of the incident along West Bay Road on Jan. 25, 2015.

Mrs. Courtney said she and her husband went to brunch at The Ritz-Carlton most Sundays and did so that day.

She said she had broken two toes and could not drive a manual shift, so her husband drove. He knew he would be driving home, so “he was drinking with care and I was carefree.”

She said she had absolutely no concerns about his driving. When they left The Ritz-Carlton, he turned left onto West Bay Road and then all she remembered was the car heading into oncoming traffic. She braced herself, thinking she would be hit head on, she told the court.

Her husband’s sunglasses flew across the car, hit her window and landed in her lap. She said she asked if he was all right and he replied, “I am, but she’s not.” He left the car and walked to where a woman was lying, and he knelt down.

Then he got up, walked inside the Villas of the Galleon property (where the collision occurred) and she did not see him again at the scene.

Asked whether her husband had a cellphone with him that day, she replied, “He quite frankly despises them.” Her cellphone was home, she added.

Asked if she had seen the cut immediately after the accident, she explained that it was on his left side and she was sitting on his right side.

Later that morning after he returned home, he went to the police station and then he and Mrs. Courtney went to the Cayman Islands Hospital where they remained for several hours and he was treated by a doctor. He stayed home from work for a couple of weeks, Mrs. Courtney said, sleeping a great deal and being slow to speak. He saw many doctors, who assessed him and sent him for tests.

In testimony on Wednesday, Mr. Courtney agreed he did not submit medical evidence to support his assertion that he had suffered a concussion because he was dissatisfied with the treatment he had received.

Mrs. Courtney agreed that she had signed a statement in which she told police that she and her husband left the hotel on the day of the accident, turned left, and then the car started skidding. Mrs. Courtney said, “I wasn’t weighing my words.” She did not agree that she was modifying her account to assist her husband.

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