Women appear in court on bullets charges

Two young women charged with possession of unlicensed ammunition elected on Wednesday to have their matters heard in Grand Court.

Emily Patrick, 19, is charged for one bullet and Alexandra Stasiuk, 20, is charged for 10 bullets. The items were said to have been found by police on Oct. 14 in the women’s separate bedrooms in an apartment they shared.

Arrested with them on that same date was Javier Howell, 24. During the trio’s first court appearance, on Oct. 17, it was indicated that Howell was Patrick’s boyfriend. He is charged with possession of an unlicensed nine-millimeter semi-automatic pistol and ammunition. Those items were allegedly found in his car, which was parked in the apartment complex parking lot. Also found was a quantity of cocaine.

Defense attorney John Furniss said Howell would also choose to be tried in the Grand Court. He suggested that the cocaine charge could also go up to the higher court, but that question was not immediately resolved.

For the women, attorneys Jonathon Hughes and Prathna Bodden suggested that the required preliminary inquiry be held on Wednesday, Nov. 9. Mr. Furniss and Crown counsel Greg Walcolm agreed.

Magistrate Grace Donalds continued Howell’s remand in custody, but Mr. Furniss asked that he be brought back to court on Oct. 31, for a bail application.

The magistrate continued the bail of the female defendants, whose bail conditions include strict curfews and residence with their parents.