The customers and crew of a Cayman Airways plane experienced a whiff of uncertainty Wednesday, when an inbound flight from Chicago requested an “expedited landing” due to an unusual smell.

Flight KX505, which flew from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, landed at Owen Roberts International at 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday. Ground emergency services were activated in Cayman by the Air Traffic Control in preparation for the landing, but the flight came in for an uneventful landing.

Cayman Airways released an official statement Friday that said the flight crew aboard Flight KX505 detected an unidentifiable odor as the plane was descending through 8,000 feet. That caused them to request an expedited, or priority, landing, and the ground crews were assembled as a precautionary measure.

After landing and the passengers deplaning, the airline’s maintenance crew went through extensive maintenance checks without finding any defects or anomalies. The aircraft was returned to service, and Cayman Airways said Friday it has conducted several flights with no recurrence of the odor.

“While this event was not an actual emergency, the pre-cautionary action taken by ORIA ATC was clearly one of due care and diligence, and for that we are appreciative,” said Cayman Airways president and chief executive officer Fabian Whorms as part of an official statement.


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